Friday, September 08, 2006

Painting, painting and more painting....

It seems that painting has become our second job. I don't think we are ever going to run out of things that need to be painted. We have all the walls painted, but are currently working on the doors, windows and the trim. Having to clean and sand the windows before you can even begin to paint them, is very time consuming. We should get the bedrooms completed this weekend...hopefully.
Our appliances should be arriving next week sometime. I can't wait. They will make the kitchen actually look like a kitchen.
The tile has been laid in both baths, the kitchen and the entry way. We have picked out the carpet that we want in the bedrooms and the hardwood that we want in the rest of the house. Now we just have talk to the flooring people to see when they can get it in and installed. Meanwhile......we paint. I'd like to get all or at least most of the painting done before the floors are laid.

We finally got the issue with the pocket doors resolved.....Thank Goodness. I was begining to think that they were going to have to be torn out and re-installed. I'm still not sure that they were installed properly, but the door company representive says that if they were not installed correctly that they would not open and shut properly, and they do. The problem that we had was that if you touched the wall, it moved. You could actually move the drywall with your hands as if it were attatched to nothing. They have since reinforced it with a metal strip. I just hope that we don't have any problem with it down the road.

Anyway, this is what is up with me..... Working (preparing and getting geared up for 4th quarter....Holiday Season, yes it is fast approaching), shuffling my daughter to volleyball games and practices and painting, painting, painting.........