Saturday, March 11, 2006

Making Progress

Well here it is Saturday at last. Another week has gone by and FINALLY we can see progress!!!!

To the right you can see the back of our house as it was when we bought it. Our construction of the new bathroom and the expansion of the master bedroom has begun. This week we have had workers everywhere. One crew working on the outside and then ourselves and others working on the inside. Remodeling and constructing at the same time, plus working 40 hours........I'm beat.
It does feel good to see our house begining to come together the way that we want it to. It is hard work and we still have a long way to go, but step by step and one day at a time we will get it there.

Lindsey has enjoyed getting to walk from school in the afternoons to the new house. She also has liked helping with some of the work. She really likes pulling out nails......and there sure has been ALOT of them to pull out. Hartsul also likes to work on the house and of course being a boy has had to explore the huge dirt pile in the back yard. Both kids are excited about the house and we like that they want to be a part of getting it the way we want it.
I'll try to keep you up to date as we go along.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Destruction, Destruction, Destruction

Well it's been a long week and boy am I glad that the week end is here. It's been a crazy week at work. We have a new District Manager and she made her first visit to the store this week. So we have been scrambling to get the store perfect. She actually commented on how good my department looked. Yeah!!!!!!

As you can see from the pictures, we have done some destruction at the house. It looks like we are tearing it down. LOL
They finally delivered our dumpster, so now we can get all that debris out of the house. Thank Goodness!!!!! Hopefully we can get that taken care of this week-end. We still have a door way to open up and another one to close in. Carpet needs to be torn out, plugs and switches moved, etc...etc....etc..... Alot of work to be done.
Our contractor did get the addition started this week. We have the hole dug and the footer poured. I'm ready to see some walls go up...............

I'll try to post more pictures as we go along.

It's getting late and I have lots to do tomorrow. Take Care All!!!