Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bug On The Window

I was in the kitchen washing some dishes when I happen to see something moving on the window. Then I realized it was a Praying Mantis. Usually I hate these things. They are so creepy. But this one was small and on the outside. So I watched him for a moment.

He slowly moved around the window. I noticed he was leaving a shadow as he moved about.

As he walked down onto the glass, I went outside to get a better shot. I took this picture and he began to sort of stop and sit up. I was afraid he was going to fly at me or something. So I went back inside. By the time I got back in, he was gone.

At least I did mamage to get a small shadow of the little creepy bug in this last shot.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shadowy Fun

My pictures this week are some that were taken while my daughter and her friend were out in the yard being silly. I thought the shadows were kind of cool.

They were also jumping on the trampoline and I managed to capture one mid air shot just as the sun was going down.

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Daughter

My post this week is about my daughter. She loves taking pictures almost as much as I do and I have been quite impressed with the creativity that she has shown with some of her pictures.

She has taken the pouty pictures.

And the black and white pictures.

This picture was taken in our back yard looking through the brick wall that surrounds our patio.

She took this one looking out our living room window. I love the way she captured her reflection in the window.

Thank goodness we don't live on a heavily traveled road, this one would have been a little dangerous.

Here she is looking through the mail slot at my office.

Since the other pictures were mostly ones she took a year or so ago, (notice the hair difference), I thought I'd add a recent picture that I took of her. (If she sees this post she will not like that I put the older ones on here).

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