Monday, April 28, 2008

Becoming A Clutz

It seems that lately I have become such a clutz.
I can't hold on to things anymore, I am constantly dropping things.
I have trouble opening anything.
I get winded while doing the most trivial of tasks.
I suppose it is all related to having Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.
I am hoping that the new medications will help with some of these things.
Some of them , however, I may just have to learn to live with and adjust the way in which I do things.
Time will tell.......

Meanwhile, I have taken a Leave Of Absence from work.
This will give me the time I need to get adjusted to the medications.
The timing is rather good, since now that I am not working, I can concentrate on The Wedding!!
The pay kinda sucks, but you can't have everything.

My clutzyness came out full force this weekend.
We had gone to Louisville for the weekend to attend Hartsul's soccer tournament out at Oxmoor.
So we found a hotel nearby with an indoor pool and hot tub.
Lindsey and I had done some shopping and all that walking around carrying bags was taking it's toll on me.
The hot tub was looking very appealing to me.
I thought it would feel wonderful to my tired aching muscles.
So off to the pool area we went.

I always feel a bit silly getting into a pool with my glasses on, so I left them in the room.
I got into the pool, no problem, but since I can't swim, I decided rather soon that I would get into the hot tub. Michael and Hartsul were enjoying the pool.
Lindsey had gotten out of the pool and gone to the hot tub, so I went to join her.

I grabbed the hand rail as I started to step in. Because I did not have my glasses on I was having a hard time seeing the depth of the steps. Lindsey saw that I was having some trouble, but about the time see came towards me BOOM.......down I went.

I misjudged the depth and my foot hit the edge of the step. Because I had a hold of the handrail, I didn't fall into the water, (thank goodness because I would have fallen on Lindsey), but on the edge of the hot tub itself.
How embarassing. I felt like such an idiot.

Then because the edge of the hot tub was wet, I had trouble getting up.
Once I did I felt the pain.....and saw blood.

Great, I thought, now I have to go to the E R to get sewn up from attempting to get into a hot tub, or even worse to have them tell me I broke a bone 5 weeks before my wedding.

Thank goodness it is neither one of those things.
It is just badly bruised and slightly cut.
So now I will be limping around with a sore foot for a few days.
Could have been worse I suppose...........

At least Hartsul's team won 1st place in their division.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding Check List

Our wedding is fast approaching and I still have soooooo much to do.
The major things are taken care of, but there are alot of little detail things to do.

Date--------May 31st, 2008

Type Of Ceremony-------Private, Somewhat Traditional with Family.

She is one of our Family Court Judges and a friend of ours.

Reception----Hors d' oeuvres
Location-------Federal Grove Bed & Breakfast Auburn, Ky.

Check out the web site. It is a beautiful place.

Cake-------Found one that I liked online & sent a picture to Teri at Federal Grove.

She will take care of the rest.

Wedding Accessories------Guest Book, Cake Servers ............
Invitations-------Finally Ready To Go Out.
They take some time. Getting together the guest list, finding addresses, and then getting them ready to mail. Takes some time.

Dress-------(actually a suit) Beige and Gold.

Maid of Honor-------My Daughter

Best Man--------Michael's Son

Person Walking Me Down The Aisle-----My Son

Flower Girl-------My Niece
She has her little basket and has been practicing scattering the flowers.

Bouquet------Cascading Cream Colored Roses With Accents Of Assorted Lavender Flowers

Music------Members Of Bowling Green Symphony Orchestra.

Honeymoon-------St. Augustine/Daytona

Travel Agent------My Baby Brother
He has our flights and rental car booked.

Hotels----------Nashville/Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
We have stayed here before...I HIGHLY recommend it.

St. Augustine/
Casa Monica Hotel
An 1888 Landmark restored in 1999. Romantic Spanish Style Decor.

Daytona/The Plaza Resort And Spa

Beautiful hotel overlooking the beach with a private balcony in every room.

The last night of our stay will probably be spent in Orlando, since that is where we will fly out of to return home.

Hotel arrangements have yet to be made and we will most likely just wing it. Surely there will be lots of hotels to choose from.

Our list of things yet to do are:

To make the final decision as to which dress Maid Of Honor and Flower Girl will wear.

They have two and I can't seem to make up my mind just yet.

Still in the process of getting together the guys suits.

Meeting with Teri at Federal Grove and deciding on which Hor d' oeuvres to serve and what kind of flower decorations are needed.

Putting together the wedding favors.

Making the final decision about the vows.

Deciding how we are going to get to Nashville after the wedding.
We have been playing with the idea of a Limo, so that our car will not have to be at the airport the whole time we are gone.

I still need to decide on my Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.
Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'm sure there are probably things that I am leaving out.

As you can see we have been busy and we still have things to do.
It has been fun putting everything together and watching it all come together.
I have loved sharing some ot the wedding traditions with my daughter.
I've actually learned alot about them myself. Several of them I did not know the reason for, I just knew that was the way things usually were.
Anyway, I am having fun putting this together and starting this new phase of my life.
I hope that you will share in this begining with me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Many Of Me

Below is a web-site that was sent to me from a friend, it's rather cool.
Check it out.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rain and Colds

It seems that all it can do as of late is RAIN.
April showers and all, I suppose.

My friends have asked why I have not posted about our upcoming wedding.
Well I have been meaning to, but just have not. I seem to have caught a
blasted(*&%#*!%&*!) COLD. I HATE having a cold. I am so miserable.
I can't breathe, I can't sleep, My nose hurts from blowing it so much etc,etc,etc.......
You know all the normal stuff that goes along with a cold. Hopefully it will go away REAL soon.
I have been afraid to take cold medication, because my Dr. has changed my blood pressure medication and I am still getting adjusted to it.

The Dr. seems to think that maybe my medication has been my problem all along.
My heart rate was low, so he changed my meds and we are seeing if that will help.
Since starting the new meds, my heart rate has come up and I have more energy.
At least, until I caught this (#*&^#%^*!) cold.
Time will tell..........

When I feel better I'll update you guys on the wedding plans.
It IS coming together.