Friday, June 29, 2007

Wild Horse Court

Okay, here they are, pictures of our new home. We are still getting settled in and have not completely gotten everything like we want it. As you can see we still have some work to do on the yard. The buikder had sewn the whole yard with seed, but we have had very little rain. Barry sewed it again just this week and it has actually rained a bit, plus he waters it every evening, so hopefully we will have grass soon.

On to the inside............................

Here we have "The Computer Section" .........what would we do with out this. This was one of the first things unpacked when we moved in. We had to wait about a week for the cable and internet to be installed. Since this is a new sub-division, it had to be put on a route. Lindsey was soooooo glad when she was able to go online after not being able to visit her my space for a whole week. She said that we did that on purpose, so that she couldn't be on the computer. Hmmmmm........did we?

This is my kitchen. The pictures are a little dark ( Iguess I lack Dianna's flair for photography).

I'm not sure if you can see them or not, but my lighthouses are on top of the cabinets and I plan to put up either a border or wallpaper (with lighthouses of course) in here as soon as I can find one that I want. I am debating on going with paper behind and at the top of the cabinets, as it is so much easier to keep clean in the cooking area, or just putting up a wide border all around the kitchen part. Guess it will depend on what I can find. I'll have to take more pics when I get it completed.
I am very proud of this, it is my new hutch. I have a few antique dishes, some Flo Blue pieces and a set of China that I had no place to display. We needed a kitchen table anyway, so we went shopping for the table and a china cabinet too. Since our cabinets are oak, we wanted to find things to match them and this is what we found. I really love them.

So many of the ones we saw were cherry and I am more partial to oak. I wanted something that wasn't too fancy.

So many of the pieces we saw were so fancy......they were beautiful with all their carvings and such, but too fancy for my taste.

This one was perfect. I want my things to be the focus instead of the cabinet.

Next, we have Lindsey's bath. I think we have a thing for this fun fish theme. This is a least the third house that I have had this in. It is bright colors and "FUN" plus the fact that it has different colors in it, so it can be used with several colors. This is good, since I haven't decided the color that I want to paint the bath room just yet.

All of the rooms in the house are the same color. I guess you would call them a beige or light tan. I plan on changing that. Maybe not right away, but soon.

I don't mind painting or putting up wallpaper. To me that is personalizing things.

Just like the front yard, the back needs some work on the grass, but we will get it there eventually.
The sub-division is new and is still under construction. They are in the process of adding more houses and will be putting up streetlights soon. It will be a nice place to live. I hope that there will be a family move in with someone (girls hopefully) Lindsey's age.

At this time there are only 5 houses in our little cul de sac.
The next street over has about that many under construction.
It seems like they would finish one before starting on another, but oh well. We'll just enjoy being the only ones living on this street.
It took us almost two weeks to get our mail switched, because this wasn't on a mail route.
I bet the mail carrier hates having to come here with us being the only house in the sub-division that he has to deliver to. That will change, I know, but it is kind of funny.
Anyway, that is the house (or at least the parts of it that I want to show pics of). The rest of the house is still not quite like I want it to be and I will post more pics as I get things where they need to be.
We had to finish all the closets in the house, so the bed rooms have taken a bit longer to get organized. But, I'll get it there............

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Making Adjustments

It's been a while since I last posted. Things have been a bit crazy lately, to say the least.
Alot of changes these days and I am still adjusting.
Sometimes I am fine with everything, but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed.
I know it is going to take time for things to settle down to a normal pace and I am trying to be patient.

When you start a new relationship there are adjustments that you have to make and even though Barry and I have a history together, it is very much the same as starting anew.
We have the way we did things when we were married, the way we did things with others, and now trying to figure out how to do things together again. It's tough. Both of us are the same people we have always been, but different at the same time. I guess everyone can say that about themselves, life in general changes us as we deal with different situations and experiences. I guess it's the lessons that we learn along the way that make us what we are and sometimes give us the strength to move forward.

So here I am attempting to move forward. One step at a time............

I do want to thank everyone for the words of wisdom that have been sent lately. I really do appreciate it more than you could know. It's so nice to know that I have so many that care about me and my family. It has also been good to hear others views. Thank You!!!

I will try to get some pictures of the house on here soon.
Take Care.........and I'll keep you posted.