Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick, Sick, and Sick........

Sorry that I haven't posted in a bit, Lindsey and I have not been feeling well.

Lindsey has been out of school almost all week. She had a fever of 101 when her school called for me to pick her up on Tues. morning. She has pretty much slept since then. The fever broke Wed. night, but she was still achy and just tired the rest of the week. She is finally feeling better today.

I have not been running a fever, but just have no energy, what-so-ever. I have had sinus infection after sinus infection for the past 8 months. For the past several weeks I have been having headaches, alot.......and they have been severe at times. My whole body aches, especially when the headaches are bad.

So I made an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist.

I thought that maybe my allergies were causing this and that I needed some sort of different allergy meds to get them under control, or that perhaps my sinuses needed opening up to keep them from getting infected. I saw him on Wed. and he told me that he doesn't think, from examining me, that I have chronic sinus disease.

He mentioned Fibromyalgia, but said that he needed to see what is going on inside my head first to make that determination.

He said that I need a Cat Scan. So this morning I went in for that.

I won't know the results for a few days, but I'll keep you posted.

If you know any headache prevention or treatments that work, by all means........send them my way.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Hello all, I hope you are having a Wonderful Valentines Day!!

I was off from work today, so I took lunch to Michael's office. He was suprized, which was my intention.

Thursdays are always long days for him. He teaches a class at Draughons Junior College after working a full day, so I usually don't see him on Thursdays until about 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. It was a nice treat to be able to have lunch together today, especially since it is Valentines Day.

After our lunch, I headed out to take care of some errands. Lindsey had asked for a Teddy Bear for Valentines Day, so I dropped one off to her school. I also picked up a little something for Adam and Hartsul, stopped to get a pizza at Papa John's (it was supposed to be heart shaped....but it was not available at our store...figures....), then I headed home.

I got some chocolate and some strawberries and other fruits, while I was out today. I plan on making some chocolate dipped fruit to have for Michael when he arrives home tonight. Wish me luck with this, as I have never tried doing this before. It doesn't look too hard, but you never know how these things will turn out.


Have A Wonderful Valentines Day!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Still Winter.....

Not alot going on here, it's a cold day and we have ice and snow on the ground, schools have been called off all around the area, I decided not to go into work today (driving on ice is not my forte), getting some cleaning and laundry done, watching the neighbor boy trying to sled down the driveway........he keeps falling before he can get on the sled, enjoying my comfy, warm, flannel pj's and the fact that I don't have to leave the house, sipping on my cup of hot chocolate, playing on the computer and just enjoying a day off.........Ahhhhhhh. Life is good!!!!!!

Hard to believe that last week we were having thunder storms and tornados.......I guess it's why people say, If you don't like the weather in Kentucky, stick around for a day or so, it will change.

Have a good day all!!!