Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doggy Shadows

This week my Shadow Shots are of my two little dogs. They like to lay or play in the sunny spots, and when they do, of course I feel the urge to grab the camera and capture their shadows.

The first shot is of our newest addition to the family, Sophie. She is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix. She is only 4 months old, and VERY active.

We take her with us to the office every day, because I can't stand leaving her in her crate all day long.

She loves sneaking out of my office and into the lobby, where there are more windows to let the sun shine in. Plus there is a basket of toys in there too that she likes to get into.

My office is small and only has one window. And, lots of things she is not allowed to chew on. But she does like being where I am too.

She has her cushion to nap on when she wants.

Our other dog is Peanut. He is a Pekingese/Pomeranian Mix. He is 2 years old and is very protective. He goes crazy when strangers come around. This make it rather difficult to have him at the office much. When he is there he runs constantly from the front to the back barking at people walking by, All Day Long.

All that running makes him very tired when we get home.

Both dogs love playing with Beanie Babies. We have ALOT of them, (my daughter used to collect them, when she was little), and I allow them to have certain ones to play with.

Peanut thinks he is a guard dog. When he hears a car pull into the driveway or hears any noise outside, he climbs into his chair in the dinning room and barks like crazy. He has even learned to pull the curtain back so he can see better. It is so cute.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and reading about my little dogs.

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Saturday, April 02, 2011


Haven't had much sunshine lately. It has been cloudy and cold around here most of the week. So I decided to post some pictures of a beautiful Sunset from a few weeks ago. I had taken the dogs out after getting home from work and when I saw the beautiful red sky, I had to grab the camera.

As you can see, it was a bit cloudy then too. Hope you enjoy the pictures and that you head over to Hey Harriet to see what others have posted this week.