Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Is For The Birds

Song: Christmas Is For The Birds
Sung By: Conway Twitty
and The Twitty Bird
1983 Album: A 'Twismas Story 


(I couldn't find a video for this song. When you click on the link, it should open up in a new window so that you can listen to he song as you read the post).

It was Twismas Eve and I was cold,
And all alone.

Sitting by a chimeny top trying to get warm.
I heard the sound of Twasmas bells jingling far away.
Then there came a jolly Ho, Ho, Ho,
And I saw a big red sleigh.
Before I knew it there was Santa,
Looking right at me.

He said, "Hey little bird why are you so sad on Twismas Eve"?

I said cause no one cares a thing about the birds this time of year.
Why Twismas is for people,
They get all the Twismas cheer.

Santa kind of chuckled,
And he took me in his hand.
He said, But Twismas is for you and all your feathered friends.

Cause Birds are very special.
And, Santa's never wrong.
Come fly beside my sleigh with me and sing this Twismas song.

Christmas is for the birds.
Santa loves us all to sing,
Go and spread the word.

Christmas is for the birds.

Country Birds

and City Birds

Ugly Birds

and Pretty Birds

Big Birds

and Little Bitty Birds

And even me the Twitty Bird.

Christmas is for the Birds.

Santa said, You know the Birds have always been the one,
To take the lead when ever something special must be done.

That's why every year you'll find a Robin Red Breast there,
Announcing to the whole wide world when spring is in the air.

The rooster's crow at sunrise,
Wakes all the people up.

And, the Canary's friendly little song,
Adds such a cheerful touch.
(I know, not a canary. . but friendly)

The Eagle flys for freedom.

And what about the Dove,
Why he's the symbol everywhere,
For Peace and Joy and Love.

Dove Photo taken from:

Each one has a special job.
The Birds all work so hard.
So you see my little feather friend,
You should be proud of who you are!

And, at Twismas time we Celebrate,
All the Good they do.
So Merry Twismas, Twitty Bird!
Cause Twismas IS for You!

Christmas is for the birds.

Santa loves us all to sing,
Go and spread the word.

Christmas is for the birds.

Country Birds

and City Birds

Ugly Birds

and Pretty Birds

Big Birds

and Little Bitty Birds.

And even me the Twitty Bird.

Christmas is for the Birds.

Well this has been another fun post for me. This song is from one of my favorite Christmas Albums. My kids have always loved it. When my son was little we would visit Twitty City, (Conway Twitty's Home), every year at Christmas time. They would have the houses decorated with lights. They also had Santa's Workshop, various displays of Christmas scenes and songs from this album playing as you walked through the different sections. The song in my post was a little skit that they acted out. The kids loved it!
On our first visit, I bought the album. My brothers teased me saying that I paid too much for it and that I could have gotten it alot cheaper from a retail store. But, when one of my brothers tried to find it, he was suprised to find that it was only available at Twitty City. So this album is special to me. 
We have enjoyed many Christmases listening to this album and it has become a tradition to listen to it as we open gifts.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Week In Review

This week started off with rain, and plenty of it. It rained all day on Monday and part of the day Tuesday. On these days I just want to stay inside, but there are things that need to be done so up and at it I go.

While I was taking the dog out I saw how this tree's image was reflecting in the roadway.

The leaves on this tree were constantly dripping with water. The dog, hearing the water hitting the ground below kept barking at the tree. Silly Dog!    

But finally, Wednesday brought the sun and it was a welcome sight.

I noticed this shadow on the side of the house from the table and chair on my front porch.

 I also noticed these lovely shadows on the ground from the tables and chairs of the little Cafe where we had lunch on Thursday. I love the pattern of the iron furniture. I know soon these will be stored away until spring.

It has been a busy week for us. Alot of paper went out of our office this week. I tease my husband, telling him that we killed a tree this week, with all the things that we send out in the mail.
My daughter has her first job now. So we had to buy her a few things for her to wear for work. 
We also have a few home repair projects in the works. Both here at home and at my rental house, which my son lives in. We had to make a Lowes run for supplies. 
I am looking forward to a short work week this coming week. Maybe even sleep in a little. Also, looking forward to some Thanksgiving yummies and time with family!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Artist: Tom T. Hall

Song: I Love
Written By: Tom T. Hall
Album: Ultimate Collection

I love little baby ducks,

old pick-up trucks,

slow-moving trains,

and rain.

I love little country streams,

sleep without dreams,

sunday school in may,

And hay.

And I love you too!

I love leaves in the wind,

pictures of my friends,

birds in the world,

and squirrels.


I love coffee in a cup,

little fuzzy pups,


old tv shows,

and snow.

And, I love you too!

I love honest open smiles,

kisses from a child,

tomatoes on the vine,
and onions.

I love winners when they cry,
losers when they try,
music when it's good,
and life!!

And I love you too!

I've always loved this song and in this week before Thanksgiving with all my Face Book friends posting what they are thankful for each day, I thought this was a song that sort of goes along with that. Hope you like it and that you take a moment to see what others have posted this week over at Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song!

Photos:   Ducks on the highway; Fair Day Parade; Rain Out My Front Door; Baptising Hole in the Town I Grew Up In; My Baby Girl; Hay Field Near My House; My Kiddos; Leaf Covered Yard Near My House; Me and My Girlfriends; Birds on Hilton Head Island; My Doggies; My Daughter; My Kids; My Daughter Playing With Food at School; Me and My Son; Mickey Mouse Garden in Toon Town.