Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Road Home

This week I would like to share with you the beautiful scenery along the highway that we drive everyday. This particular stretch of highway goes up the hill that leads to the little community of Richardsville. Which is where I live.

The rock structures are on both sides of the highway in some areas and only on one side in other areas.

These pictures were taken in the afternoon when the trees cast their shadow on the highway.

With all the rain lately, the rocks have several small waterfalls running down them. This one was very small and doesn't show up in the picture.

But this one was flowing a bit more and I thought it was so pretty. I see this all the time and have wanted to stop and get pictures, so I finally did.

Isn't it pretty??

This week I have not only seen and enjoyed the natural scenery of the area, but have encountered a few animals along the highway.

These Ducks were waddling along on their merry way.

Mr. Turtle was taking his dear sweet time crossing the road.

And the little deer ran across the road in front of me, jumped the fence and were off into the woods.

They sure are fast. My daughter grabed the camera when we saw them and in just a few seconds they were out of sight. I'm suprised she even got a shot of them.

This stretch of highway is a favorite spot for the deer. I have seen them here many times. As I approach the area I am always on the look out for them, especially at night.

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Flooding - Round Two

My pictures this week are from Nolin Dam. It is located in Edmonson County, Kentucky.

I grew up in this County and in my young adult life lived in the lake area.

With all the rain and storms that we have had in the past few weeks, the lake's water level has risen to record heights. So I had to see it for myself.

In these pictures the water had risen to 560 feet.

(I did manage to get a few reflection pictures for my Shadow Shot Sunday post)

I can't believe how close the water is to the roadway. Normally this rocky area is alot longer.

This is what the lake usually looks like in the winter, when the water level is at winter pool of 490 feet.

(Even at summer pool of 515 feet you can still see the water's edge clearly)

This is the overflow area. I have NEVER seen water in this area.

Usually the water doesn't reach the tree line by the big rocks. You can tell the water becomes muddy as it reaches the overflow area.

This is the other end of the over flow area. The water is just out of view on the right side of the picture. There were fears that the water was going to reach the highway. The road was actually closed the night before I took these pictures because the water was so close.

But, early the next morning the river's level had gone down enough to allow them to begin releasing the water into the spillway at a faster rate.

I took this picture from the roadway looking down on the spillway.

My daughter and I had been here a few days before and we were able to walk around the walkway seen in this picture. But, once they began releasing the water at a higher rate they closed it off.

There were alot of people at the Dam taking pictures. It was hard for me to get pictures without people in the shot.

The water is pretty rough for a good distance downstream. Makes a pretty picture though.

This poor little tree was nearly engulfed by the water.

Even further downstream near the tailwaters boat ramp the water was half way up the trees. The water was calmer here and it was still a very beautiful scene even with the high water.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Showers and Storms

It sure has been a crazy week with all the storms and rain.
Everyday we have had heavy rain and storms.

Unlike alot of places in the south, the damage has only been a few tree branches down from the straight line winds. Several nights we have lost electricty, but they have managed to get it back on rather quickly.

Our main thing around here has been flooding. We drove across the old bridge the other day to see how high the river was.

As you can see in this picture, it was pretty high. The water was half way up the trees. There was alot of debris floating in the water also.

It was in between storms when we took these pictures, so the sun peaked out long enough for the trees shadow to be cast on the water.

Another road that we traveled past was covered with water.

This field now has a lake where hay usually grows.

With more rain being forecast for the coming week, crops may be a bit behind schedule.

At least all this rain has made the trees and grass a beautiful green. My daughter snapped this picture from inside the car as we drove home. You can see the reflection of the rear view mirror in the picture.

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