Sunday, May 01, 2011

Showers and Storms

It sure has been a crazy week with all the storms and rain.
Everyday we have had heavy rain and storms.

Unlike alot of places in the south, the damage has only been a few tree branches down from the straight line winds. Several nights we have lost electricty, but they have managed to get it back on rather quickly.

Our main thing around here has been flooding. We drove across the old bridge the other day to see how high the river was.

As you can see in this picture, it was pretty high. The water was half way up the trees. There was alot of debris floating in the water also.

It was in between storms when we took these pictures, so the sun peaked out long enough for the trees shadow to be cast on the water.

Another road that we traveled past was covered with water.

This field now has a lake where hay usually grows.

With more rain being forecast for the coming week, crops may be a bit behind schedule.

At least all this rain has made the trees and grass a beautiful green. My daughter snapped this picture from inside the car as we drove home. You can see the reflection of the rear view mirror in the picture.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Be sure to hop over to Hey Harriet and check out the shadows others have found this week.


  1. The pictures are beautiful but i feel so sad with the floods that you had. Happy SSS.

  2. The trees and grass photo at the very last is just simply....luscious!! But crossing that old iron bridge would've been the LAST thing I'd want to do in a flood stage.

    My Link:
    Sand, Surf, and Shadows

    Have a glorious Sunday. Hope to have you as a visitor today when you find time.

  3. In all this unsettled and stormy weather, be safe!


    A seeker of shadows, they say,
    Will keep her eyes peeled night and day
    For resident shades
    That haunt the dark glades
    And never come outside to play.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Desert Flowers

  4. Amaazing what mother nature can do. Bless all in the devastated areas.

  5. oh my, I'm glad you escaped with no serious damage, but my heart goes out to those devastated by mother nature's serious side. great shots. have a wonderful week.


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