Monday, April 24, 2006

Weird or Compulsive? You Decide!!!

So I've been I have to tell everyone "6 Weird Things About Me"
I can probably come up with 12.

Where to start, Hmmmm......

1. I HAVE to have EVERYTHING hanging in my closet facing the same way. Of course like things also hang with like things. (Pants together, Shirts together, Dresses together etc....) And when an item is removed, the empty hanger is put in a specific place, not just left where it was.This does make working retail a bit easier.

2. Clothes that are put in drawers, are done neatly. White socks folded and placed together, then colors, then black ones. Panties and bras are folded and placed into the drawer in their appropriate place.

3. Towels HAVE to be folded a certain way, so that they fit into the cabinet and have that uniformly folded look, no unfolded edge showing. Washcloths and hand towels are treated the same way, folded and placed into their respective place.

4. Laundry has to be done on a daily basis. I can't function if I don't do at least one load of laundry a day. I will put a load in while getting ready for work, or sometimes late at night if I have been out and about that day. I even do laundry while on vacation.

5. When cooking I wipe my sink, counter and stove off about a million times. If anything is dripped or splashed onto these surfaces, then it has to be wiped off....right then. I am pretty particular with my kitchen. The other rooms in my house can get messy or cluttered, but not the kitchen. The same goes for water in the bathroom. If you splash water, wipe it up.

6. I am a VERY nervous driver. I hate driving on the Interstate. I can do it, but in areas where there are many lanes, I panic. I could never live in a big city that I had to deal with that on a daily basis. Give me a country two lane and I am fine.

7. Glasses in my cabinets are grouped together and lined up in a row. Kind of like in the movie Sleeping With The Enemy.

8. Items stored in the attic have to be placed in either a box or a plastic storage container and lined up so that you can move in the attic and find whatever you need to find.

9. Dirty clothes also have to be put in their proper place. I have a wicker laundry basket in my bedroom that I put my things into when I take them off. There are two clothes baskets in my laundry room for dirty items to be for wet things, one for dry. A simple task you would think, but one that my daughter has such trouble with.

10. I can't stand dirty dishes in the sink. Rinse it off and stack or place it neatly beside the sink and I'm fine with it, but don't put it in the sink.

11. When I place dishes in the dishwasher they all face the same direction. (plates mainly) Certain items have certain spots that they go in even though they actually fit into many. I know that they would get just as clean from any spot that they are put into, but I can't stand it if they are not put in their special place.

12. When I go to bed at night, I have to have to be covered up. It doesn't matter if it is 100 degrees, I have to have my cover. I can't fall asleep if I am not covered up.

This was way too easy to write. I feel like such a compulsive nut case,
but it's all true and it's me.
What else can I say.
Now I Tag Carol

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mi Vida Loco----My Crazy Life

It has taken me a while to get these on here, but finally here they are, pictures of our mini vacation.

It was a sort of rocky week. It began with Hartsul and his mother spending the week end with Michael's sister, Pam(which I find to be strange in the first place). Before Michael went to pick him up, Pam and her husband took Hartsul out for lunch and a little shopping. They bought him a Playstation 2 game. They don't see him alot and he was there........However, the second he walked through the door here, he stuck the game in Lindsey's face and said" Look what I got, now I have 9 games and you only have 4". Lindsey and I looked at each other and said well we know what kind of week this is going to be.

On Monday we did a little shopping, just Lindsey and I. We wanted to get her some things for summer. She no longer can shop in the little girls department, we have to shop the juniors department.....WAHHHHHHH My baby is not a baby anymore. BIG WAHHHHHHHH
Anyway, we had a great time shopping and just being together.
Lindsey had some money that she had gotten for doing chores and keeping good grades, but found that it wasn't as easy to turn loose of it as she thought. She discovered that if SHE was the one forking out $56.00 for those Holister jeans or capris they don't look so cute. Funny how that works......Moms money spends so much easier than hers.

Then on Tuesday, we took my car to Beaver Dam for some car repairs. Michael and Hartsul drove up also. I left my car and from there we went to Owensboro and spent the night at the Executive Inn.
It is a nice place. They have a really big indoor pool and of course that is where the kids wanted to stay. We did manage to get them out for a walk and a little antique shopping. Hartsul continued to be a little shit. He at one point sat down in the floor and threw a fit because Michael wouldn't let him buy a guitar. At that point, Lindsey and I went to walk around by ourselves. We walked all around the Hotel. That is when I took the pictures that I have posted here.

We left early the next morning, drove home to pick up Adam(who had morning classes) and headed to Nashville. We visited The Country Music Hall Of Fame and walked around downtown Nashville a bit. Took a few pictures of The Ryman, checked out Tootsie's Orchid Lounge (the little hole in the wall that alot of country music stars got their Gretchen Wilson), then headed back toward home. All of the kids actually had a pretty good time. It was neat to see all the stuff that is displayed telling the history of Country Music. We stopped in Hendersonville to have dinner at a little place on the lake called Steamboat Bill's. It was pretty good. I recommend the fish!!
After we arrived home Barry came to pick up Lindsey and she spent the night at his house.
He brought her home Thursday afternoon. I spent the day cleaning and such....... and returning to Beaver Dam with Michael and Hartsul to pick up my car.

On Friday Lindsey and I had an appointment at the Spa. Lindsey really likes the spa. We had a manicure and a pedicure. I had a massage(which I highly reccomend), Lindsey had a makeup session and her hair cut and styled. She looks sooooooo cute. The only problem was that it was storming. The spa building has ALOT of windows. I wasn't real comfortable being there during a storm. But we were monitoring the weather. We left the spa in between storms and met Michael and Hartsul for lunch.
We were being seated and Hartsul started saying something......I didn't understand what he was saying, Lindsey did. I just heard Michael telling him to be quiet. That of course, peaked my interest in what he was saying. He was saying" I got a PSP, I got a PSP....". Turns out that when his Aunt Pam took him shopping earlier in the week she noticed that he was admiring the PSPs at Best Buy and asked him if he would like to have one of those.......well duh........he said yes. Lindsey has one ( a gift from her father after a bit of discussion and disapproval from me).
I fealt that she was too young for it and it has been a subject of some controversy, but she has it and with her brothers help has learned how to use it. She also knows what it is and is very careful with it and knows that it is not a toy to just toss around. Anyway, getting back to the story.....Aunt Pam has decided that Hartsul needs a PSP. Pam doesn't know what a PSP is, doesn't realize that it is really targeted to teens, that Hartsul does not have access to the videos or music that can be downloaded to it, or that the majority of the games and movies that are available for it are teen or mature rated. So he is going to have a system that he will not be able to do hardly anything with. But he wants it, so he shall have it..........
So we have during this meal Hartsul kept kicking me or Lindsey under the table. He does this alot, most of the time I try to ignore this behavior or finally tell him to stop. However, as we were getting up to leave, Michael excused himself to go to the restroom. At that point Hartsul kicked me, not a little kick, but a full hard kick. I was reaching the boiling point. When Michael returned he could tell I was upset. I informed him of what was going on and that I was reaching the point that I could not take much more. We discussed the PSP, his son's mis behavior and attitude. Lindsey and I then left. Of course this was the topic of discussion for the rest of the week. Hartsul kept doing things that he knew was bugging me or Lindsey. Michael finally tried to discipline him. Most of the time the only thing he does is to talk to him, which he laughs the whole time. Well this time that is what he was doing, but I sort of lost it during his little talk. There was Michael talking to this kid who was laughing at him and sort of mocking what he was saying. I lost it......... Michael doesn't like to deal with unpleasant things but I think he is begining to see that this kid NEEDS discipline. He did end up giving him a couple of swats on the butt, but he had to chase him all over the yard to do it.
This whole situation makes me step back and think.......
Michael did talk to his sister that evening and tell her to hold off on the PSP.
But she bought it the next day and has opened it and the game that was bought to go with it. So it is just a matter of time before he will get it.
So thanks for listening (reading) allowing me to vent a bit. I welcome your comments or questions.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's been awhile since I have Blogged......I've been so busy lately with work and the house.
The drywallers are going to begin hanging the walls this week.
I think that will make a BIG difference in making the house look like a house rather than a destruction zone. I know I am ready to see it come back together.

We took the kids to the circus on Sunday. It was fun. I hadn't been to one since I was very young. Lindsey had never been. She liked it alot, especially the Frisbee catching dog. We got there early and went down on the floor for a ringside preview of the show and some autographs of the performers.

Lindsey is out of school for Spring Break and I am on vacation, so we are going to spend some time doing Mom--Daughter things. We went shopping yesterday and plan on visiting the Spa later in the week. We are also planning a little trip to Nashville. I've always wanted to see the Country Music Hall Of this week we plan on going there. Hopefully the kids won't be too bored with it.