Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sinus Infection....Again

Anybody out there in the market for a sinus infection........
I've got one that I would LOVE to GIVE AWAY!!!!!
I am on my 4th round of anti-biotic.
I have taken 2 rounds of Arithromyacin or (Z-Pack).
Then I was given 20 days worth of Amoxicillin ,about half way through it I got worse.
Now I am taking Ceclor for 20 days.
That is not counting the Depo-Medrol shots that I have been given.
Yesterday I got a double dose shot. Surely I will get better now.
I do have to say that the shots help. I usually feel better after getting one of them.
My muscles always hurt more than normal when I am ill and the shots help my muscles not to ache so much which helps me to feel better, or it could be that I usually sleep ALOT after getting a shot which helps too. Maybe it's the combination of the two.......all I know is the shot helps.
If anybody else out there is suffering from allergy/sinus stuff right now......I feel for you!
Hopefully I will be WELL SOON!!!!
Take Care All.