Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Year Begins

Song: We've Only Just Begun
Artists: The Carpenters
From The 1970 Album: Close To You
Written By: Roger Nichols & Paul Williams

        This song is said to be The Carpenters "signature song".  Much of my teen years were spent listening to The Carpenters. Karen Carpenter had one of the most powerful voices around. It is funny, now as an adult, I find myself listening to Carpenters songs when I am in a sad mood.  

We've only just begun to live.

White lace and promises,
A kiss for luck and we're on our way.

We've only begun,
Before the rising sun we fly.

So many roads to choose.

We start out walking,
And learn to run.
And yes! We've just begun.

Sharin' horizons that are new to us,
Watchin' the signs along the way.

Talkin' it over just the two of us,
Workin' together day to day,
together... together.

And when the evening comes we smile,
So much of life ahead.

We'll find a place where there's room to grow.

And yes! We've just begun.

Pictures: 1) My son holding my niece; 2) Sunrise over Daytona Beach; 3) Highway leading home; 4) My daughter and son; 5) Sunrise over Tybee Island; 6) Me and my hubby; 7) Sunset over St. Augustine; 8) Me in front of Biltmore Estate.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Is For Kids

Song: Kids
Artist: Kenny Rogers
From the 1981 Album: Kenny Rogers Christmas
Written By: Mac Davis

My favorite version of this song is Conway Twitty's version, but I could not find it on online. So Kenny's version will have to do. The video doesn't start playing for about 20 seconds into it, so be patient.

Kids, kids,
Christmas is for kids.

Look around and you will see
Kids from one to ninety-three

Laughin', lovin' life and bein' kids.

Kids, kids, Christmas is for kids.
Kids like you and little brother,
(or cousins).

Aunts and uncles, dads and mothers

Grandma, grandpa an' all the other kids.

Daddy runs the electric train,
While all the children wait in vain.
To take their turn
At playin' engineer.


Grandpa pinches grandma's cheek.
And all the family sneaks a peak.
And suddenly
Their years just disappear.

Take a look at Betty Joe Lindsey
Underneath the mistletoe.
Pretending that
She doesn't know it's there.

And in the front yard Uncle Mike,
Just fell off brother's brand new bike.

There's Christmas cheer,
And laughter everywhere.

Kids (kids), kids (kids)
Christmas is for kids.

Christmas time is here again.

And now it's when the fun begins
This time of year we all turn into kids...

Pictures: 1) My kids Christmas 2006; 2) My kids Christmas 2010; 3) Brother-in-law, my daughter, my sister, and my son's girlfriend Christmas 2010; 4) My son and my niece Christmas 2007; 5) The Lindsey Family and their spouces Christmas 2008; 6) My Mom and Dad and cousin in background; 7) Dollywood Train 2005 ; 8) My daughter 2007; 9) My baby brother 2005; 10) My brother, sister-in-law, sister and niece Christmas 2007; 11) My son, his girlfriend and my niece 2010; 12) Hay Bale along the highway.    


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here

Been MIA for a bit... Sinus infection, Sudden death of a Childhood Friend/Neighbor while growing up, Dentist appointment, Hubby's follow up Urologist appointment, and Neighbor's heart scare excitement. Whew.... it has been a rough couple of weeks and these events have taken their toll on me and my Christmas Spirit. But, I am back and trying to find some sense of normalacy again.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Written and Adapted for Television
By: Charles M. Shultz
First Aired: 1965
The First "Peanuts" Prime Time Animated TV Special

Christmas time is here

Happiness and cheer

Fun for all, that children call
Their favorite time of the year.

Snowflakes in the air

Carols everywhere.

Olden times and ancient rhymes,

Of love and dreams to share.

Sleigh bells in the air.
Beauty everywhere.

Yuletide by the fireside,
And joyful memories there.


Christmas time is here.

Families drawing near.

Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year.

Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year...

Pictures: 1) 2005 Christmas Tree - 2) 2011 Bowling Green Christmas Parade - 3) 1967 Christmas at my Grandparents (I'm in the white shirt) - 4) My Daughter last Feb. Snow - 5) High school Band in Christmas Parade - 6) Sister-in-law, Me, Sister-in-law, Sister (all in aprons made by Me! - 7) Manger Display in Fountain Square Park - 8) Bow on Firetruck in Christmas Parade - 9) 2004 Christmas Tree & Fireplace Decorations - 10) 2011 Fountain Square Park - 11) 2010 Christmas Time Cousin Shot - 12) Game Time (Apples to Apples, our favorite game).    

Just for fun I have also added the video below. It is the "Hey Ya" version of the Charlie Brown Dance Scene. It is funny how well the song goes with the video.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

First Snowflakes Of The Season

This week started off with rain, rain, rain. I think we received around two inches in one day and there were flash flood warnings for several of the surrounding counties.

By Wednesday the temperatures had dropped and we saw our first snowflakes of the season. 

For a couple of hours the snow was falling at a really fast rate. It was a very wet snow and melted as soon as it hit the roadway.

It did leave a very light dusting on the grassy areas for a little while. 

But, soon the clouds rolled away and the sun popped out.
The funny thing was how it left rain drops on all the trees and bushes.

It was so pretty and was like they were stuck or frozen there.

I was so glad to see the sun. And, of course with the sun comes the hunt for shadows,

like the little tree on my way to the Post Office.