Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Artist: Tom T. Hall

Song: I Love
Written By: Tom T. Hall
Album: Ultimate Collection

I love little baby ducks,

old pick-up trucks,

slow-moving trains,

and rain.

I love little country streams,

sleep without dreams,

sunday school in may,

And hay.

And I love you too!

I love leaves in the wind,

pictures of my friends,

birds in the world,

and squirrels.


I love coffee in a cup,

little fuzzy pups,


old tv shows,

and snow.

And, I love you too!

I love honest open smiles,

kisses from a child,

tomatoes on the vine,
and onions.

I love winners when they cry,
losers when they try,
music when it's good,
and life!!

And I love you too!

I've always loved this song and in this week before Thanksgiving with all my Face Book friends posting what they are thankful for each day, I thought this was a song that sort of goes along with that. Hope you like it and that you take a moment to see what others have posted this week over at Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song!

Photos:   Ducks on the highway; Fair Day Parade; Rain Out My Front Door; Baptising Hole in the Town I Grew Up In; My Baby Girl; Hay Field Near My House; My Kiddos; Leaf Covered Yard Near My House; Me and My Girlfriends; Birds on Hilton Head Island; My Doggies; My Daughter; My Kids; My Daughter Playing With Food at School; Me and My Son; Mickey Mouse Garden in Toon Town. 


  1. And I love this song! It's been years since I've heard it but I was singing along the whole time. Of course my favorite part is "birds in the world, and squirrels". Great photos.

  2. Perfect for Thanksgiving shares of thankfulness. And your photos...well, once again perfection. I so love coming here to see what you do...the work involved and your cherished photos. Well done. Ohhhhhhh, and the song choice? Super excellent.

    Really enjoyed this one this week.

    Duck Song

  3. Jeanette!! What an absolutely wonderful post. I love the way you have the post set up too!!
    Good Idea to have the video first so we can listen to it as we look at your beautiful pictures.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  4. Love, love, love it! It is perfect!

  5. Oh, this was wonderful. "Little baby ducks, fuzzy little pups, and I love you" —all with perfect photos! I love the one of the baby in the laundry basket.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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