Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rain and Colds

It seems that all it can do as of late is RAIN.
April showers and all, I suppose.

My friends have asked why I have not posted about our upcoming wedding.
Well I have been meaning to, but just have not. I seem to have caught a
blasted(*&%#*!%&*!) COLD. I HATE having a cold. I am so miserable.
I can't breathe, I can't sleep, My nose hurts from blowing it so much etc,etc,etc.......
You know all the normal stuff that goes along with a cold. Hopefully it will go away REAL soon.
I have been afraid to take cold medication, because my Dr. has changed my blood pressure medication and I am still getting adjusted to it.

The Dr. seems to think that maybe my medication has been my problem all along.
My heart rate was low, so he changed my meds and we are seeing if that will help.
Since starting the new meds, my heart rate has come up and I have more energy.
At least, until I caught this (#*&^#%^*!) cold.
Time will tell..........

When I feel better I'll update you guys on the wedding plans.
It IS coming together.

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