Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Blogging Update

The house is quiet, I am enjoying the silence and the time to just browse through blogs.
I like reading random blogs, seeing that other people live the same sort of life as me.
No matter where they are, Utah, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, etc... people are alot more alike than you might realize.
We all have our ups and downs, our struggles, but for the most part we are all living the same way. Making ends meet, or trying our best to, raising our kids and hoping to not totally loose our sanity in the process, spending time with friends and our special someone, and maybe finding a little time for ourselves too.
Blogging is the way people keep in touch now. It's how families send updates to those in another state or country. It's the way Grandma, who is not able to travel to visit the babies, can see how they are growing and learning new skills. It's our way of sharing those precious moments with one another.
I enjoy sharing my life with others, rather it be friends, family or someone who just happens to find my dreary little blog.
Today I thought I'd share the latest pictures that my daughter has taken. Sometimes her creativity amazes me.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy.............

It's a good thing that we live out in the country where the traffic is light or this could be a difficult pose to achieve.

Of course, having friends with you is always a plus.

I especially like this picture, the way she used the brick wall is really cute.

Riding in the car is even a photo opt.

I love when the kids are playing together, there is such love between them ..........

1 comment:

  1. Yup, it's a good thing you all don't still live on MAIN Street,
    Lindsey is SOOO pretty! Hartzul (?)
    don't know if that's spelled right
    but he is growing!!!! Your fam pics are great! Enjoy your quiet time.
    Sorry WKU is out of it, I was rooting for them. We might be gone by midnite tonight. Hope not but NC is goooood! Love,



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