Saturday, March 01, 2008

Drs. And Tests

I have yet to hear from my Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist.

When my cat scan was scheduled, I was told that it would take at least 48 hours from the time that the Dr. receives the results for him to contact me. I had it done on Sat. the 23rd. By Wed. I called the Dr's office to see why I had not heard anything, only to find that the office was closed for training Monday through Wednesday, the Dr. would be out of town until Thursday afternoon and would be in surgery most of the morning on Friday. Therefore, he would not have an opportunity to view the test results until next week.

Meanwhile.......I'm miserable.

I asked that a copy of the cat scan be forwarded to my General Practitioner. So, I gave him a call and made an appointment.
Thursday I go in, but have my results been sent to my Dr? NO!!
The nurse called the records department, to make sure, no test results. She calls the ENT's office and asked that they fax the results over. She continues taking my vitals.

Blood pressur was 150/100........and that's with taking my meds.
After a few minutes the Dr. comes in, looks over the chart and then goes to check the fax machine. Nothing.
By this time he is getting impatient, so HE calls the ENT's office and gets the results over the phone.
He is successful. Seems that I have a crooked septum, from some sort of trama to my nose at some time. This is possibly part of my problem, not letting my sinuses drain properly.

Also I have a chronic infection of my Ethmoid Sinus.

This is why I have had the headaches and the pain behind my eyes.

The Dr. prescribed an antibiotic that I will have to take for 20 days and a nasal spray that I am to use everyday.

Hopefully this will get rid of the infection.
He put me off from work until Monday and told me to rest.
I have no problem following those orders, since all I want to do is sleep.
Because I have had no energy, alot of muscle aches and soreness for going on a month now, the Dr. decided that I needed some blood work done also.

It has been some time since I have had any blood work done, so he is checking everything. They took six tubes of blood from me.........

He thought those results would be back by today, but they are not. Guess they had too much blood to check.....LOL

I'll update when I know something.
Until then I will be taking a loooooong hot bath, watching t.v. or sleeping.

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  1. trI hope everything turns out well I am strugling with alot of the things you are going through thanks for letting me know I am not alone in what I have been dealing with. being soooo tired and in pain while trying to take care of my baby and son and husband. Not to mention always waiting on results from multiple tests from multiple Dr.s with diffrent speacialties. Best wishes! Stacy


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