Friday, March 03, 2006

Destruction, Destruction, Destruction

Well it's been a long week and boy am I glad that the week end is here. It's been a crazy week at work. We have a new District Manager and she made her first visit to the store this week. So we have been scrambling to get the store perfect. She actually commented on how good my department looked. Yeah!!!!!!

As you can see from the pictures, we have done some destruction at the house. It looks like we are tearing it down. LOL
They finally delivered our dumpster, so now we can get all that debris out of the house. Thank Goodness!!!!! Hopefully we can get that taken care of this week-end. We still have a door way to open up and another one to close in. Carpet needs to be torn out, plugs and switches moved, etc...etc....etc..... Alot of work to be done.
Our contractor did get the addition started this week. We have the hole dug and the footer poured. I'm ready to see some walls go up...............

I'll try to post more pictures as we go along.

It's getting late and I have lots to do tomorrow. Take Care All!!!


  1. Wow Jeanette, I can't wait to see it all finished. we are going over to Lins to begin painting. you, Dianna and Lins all need your own websites for remodeling pics, etc. We will all have to come see them all when they are finished. Happy Working!

  2. WOW!!!!!! thats alot of remodling there Jeanette!!!! LOL our whole family is remodling huh?? It is fun work but i tell you what I am on the exhausted side of it now and I think if kyle sees another paint can he will vomit! youll have to have a big party when you get your house all finished!
    have fun!

  3. Jeannette, the dumpster will help so you can get the debris out of there. I can't wait to see "after" pics.

    congratulations on your dept thing.


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