Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I really hate hospitals..... I had to go for some pre-op tests on Monday. I had to have some blood drawn and an ekg, etc....etc..... I hate it anyway, but the Dr. had not sent the orders over and I had to sit there until they faxed them over. I sat there waiting and watching the t.v. and the people going by the office I was I was in. Across the hall was a conference room, where I saw a family being escorted in. Then a few minutes later I saw the Dr. go in. The look on their faces brought back some memories. I started thinking about how many times I myself have been in that position. It was down right depressing.
Finally, my orders were there and I was called back. Didn't take very long at all.

I have to be back on Wed. at 6a.m. I am having some laser surgery done. Kind of like a D&C, but with a laser. At least I don't have to stay in the hospital.
I am really dreading it and just want it to be over with.
Maybe I'll actually post a little more since I'll be home for about a week.


  1. Good luck on your surgery jeanette. Prayers for you!
    hugs and love

  2. Hope everything goes ok for you. I know what you mean about those hospitals, etc. Looking forward to reading some blogs while your off. I gotta get on the ball too.

    Love ya, Carol


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