Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back To School

Well it is that time again.....Back To School.
Summer has been WAYYYYY to short.
Lindsey is now a Middle Schooler.
I can't believe it. She is a little nervous about it, but I know that she will be fine.
She is looking forward to meeting new people.
Now we just have to get her used to actually getting up in the morning. She has gotten used to sleeping until 10 or so. This morning was no problem, but give her a few days and she'll be saying I don't want to get up, can't I sleep just a few more minutes. Hopefully it won't take her long to get back into the routine of school.
Then of course, with school comes......the HOMEWORK. I sure haven't missed that.
Well, gotta run. Have a good day!!!


  1. Yeah, I remember the homework. After awhile, I just couldn't help, she was too far advanced for me. ha ha.

    Lindsey will do fine in middle school. Enjoy every minute.

    Take care,


  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Jarad had 6 or 7 pages to color over the weekend. COLOR? I think he knows how to do that. I don't understand homework like that.

  3. we are back to school next week.
    I am notttttttt looking forward to the homework. I guess back to school evens out the good with the bad. but i hate the homework battles
    Have a wonderful week

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