Saturday, December 11, 2010

Evening Shadows

I haven't had much of a chance to catch many shadow shots this week. It has been a very busy week. But, I did happen to see this as we were locking up one night.
Every evening as we are leaving the Walk/Don't Walk light casts it's shadow on the wall inside the main lobby. You can also see part of the logo that is printed on the window.
Not a very exciting shadow, but a shadow none the less. Be sure to head over to Hey Harriet and check out what others have posted.


  1. looks like a perfect shadow shot to me. ;-) happy shadow shot sunday!


  2. I really like it! And the colours are so soft and pretty. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  3. Ha ha... sometimes we can't hang along, specially if we are a full career woman and 100% housewife, secretary... name it §;-)

    But, absolutely, you got a good shot for us to appreciate.

    Happy SS...

  4. I think it's a very clever shot. I might not have guess what I was looking at if you hadn't explained it.

  5. this is one of my favorite shadow shots this week. I love the soft color and just the subtlety of it. very beautiful.

  6. I think it's a great shadow! Good eye! =D

  7. Fun shadow but the shadows on the curtains below are wonderful!


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