Sunday, February 12, 2006

Take A Look At Our House

Finally home from work. Been watching it snow off and on all day, but still no snow on the ground. A few times it was coming down pretty good, but then a few minutes later...nothing.
Oh well.
Well I must say that I have enjoyed reading the blogs over the last couple of days.
I find it so interesting how peoples lives are so alike. How you think sometimes that you are the only one who feels a certain way, when in fact alot of others have the same feelings or fears that you do. It is a good thing to know that you are not alone.
Michael and I have just bought a house together. We got it at a great price. It had gone through a forclosure, so it needs alot of TLC. I am so looking forward to doing the repairs. We are going to expand the master bedroom and bath. We have a contractor lined up already and as soon as he finishes the job he is on now, he will start on ours. I can't wait!! I have attached a pic so that you all can see it. I am excited about getting to redo the house. It has so much more room than the one we are in now. It is very close to Lindsey's school. I can stand on the front porch and watch her walk to school. The funny thing is, this is her last year there. She will be going to Warren East Middle School in the fall.
Linney, I know how you feel about signing those papers for a house. It is a big step, but well worth it. I took a look at the pics of the place you and Jay are loking at....Looks very nice.
For those of you who are wondering.....Michael and I will be getting married in April 2007.
Adam still has a year of college to go and I don't want him to lose his grants, so we have decided to wait a bit to get married.
Well I guess I'll go for now. Need to decide what's for dinner tonight. The kids think for some reason that I should feed them tonight......


  1. Congratulations Jeanette! The house is GORGEOUS!! its nice doing your work to the house. Its stressful at times, but I am taking very detailed photographs and making a scrap book out of them and then if we ever move we can pass it on to the new owners so they don't have unanswered questions as to why they wallpapered over the doorbell and such!! LOL!! Take care and have a great Valentines day!!!

  2. Jeannette, welcome to Blogdom. Mark and I also bought a house that was going through foreclosure. We didn't have much to do to it either. Most of the repairs we've had to make have been from our puppy chewing AFTER we moved in.
    It was the best deal in the world for us.
    Auntie Glo


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