Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The House

I wanted to show everyone how the house is begining to take shape. We are beginning to add some color to the walls. The kitchen tile is finished and we have the bathroom tile. The cabinets and bath room vanities are ready to be installed, just waiting to coordinate with the cabinet maker a day that they are available. We are in the process of chosing light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, med. cabinets, mirrors, hardwood, etc...etc... So many things to decide and to make blend together. I like the shopping part, but spending the time picking out things and trying to get them where you need them when you need them,is a bit of a challenge. It is coming together though slowly, but surely.
The pictures are of Lindsey's room. We still have some trim and doors to paint , but her room is close to being finished. I'll take more pictures and post them in the near future.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Me.....I'm working. I've been in retail for going on 8 years and it still is amazing to me how many people are out bright and early on week end mornings. But keeps me in a job I suppose.........


  1. Her room is looking awesome Jeanette, I love that LOL wallpaper!!!!
    Looks like you got a lil orb there! that means dry wall dust and rennovating LOL
    It looks great i can't wait to see more

  2. Everything looks great Jeanette. Great choice of colors! Hang in there! Carol


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