Thursday, May 11, 2006

Smoky Mountain Fun

It's been a while since I have Blogged. I have been VERY busy. Between working, working on the house, homework, cooking, cleaning, etc...etc... I hardly have time to breathe. Add in a school trip to the Smokies....whew...I'm beat.
Lindsey is in the Richardsville Elem. Chorus and they for the second year in a row have attended the Smoky mountain Music Festival. They have been the only Elementary School in this competition. They have competed against Middle and High Schools. For the second year in a row they have come away with not only the first place trophy in their division, but a proficient score of 97.6 . They placed 3rd overall with the top highschool score only being 1 and1/8 points higher than theirs.
We spent 3 days in Gatlinburg. Arrived on Thursday and just strolled around the parkway. Sang on Friday and visited the Aquarium. Then on Saturday went to DollyWood. We had a GREAT time. I have attached a pic that we had done while there.

Talk to you soon.
I'll try to get some updated pics of the house on her pretty soon.



  1. Glad you are back jeanette!
    I love the picture!!!!!
    I can't wait to see your house pics!
    take care

  2. Great Pic Jeanette, Sounds like fun! Congratulations on the Singing Festival to Lindsey! See ya later,



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