Sunday, October 15, 2006


Here it is Sunday and the last day of Fall Break. It's back to school and work tomorrow, but it has been a good week. We have managed to get alot taken care of and had some fun too.
Lindsey and I spent one day shopping. My daughter REALLY likes to shop. She saw some of her friends while we were out. They have a good time together.....just being girls. They like to primp and giggle and giggle and giggle.........

As you can see, they like to pose for pictures too!!!

I really am glad that Lindsey likes for her friends to come over. I like seeing her have friends and feel comfortable bringing them here. (and not being embarassed having Mom around) It is a good feeling knowing that the girls parents are comfortable letting them come over too.

Sometimes she drives me nuts with the I want, I want, I want, and the smart mouth she seems to have found somewhere (part of being a pre-teen I suppose), but she is a good kid and I am very proud of her.
Have a good week all!!!!!!


  1. and she's growing up so, and so pretty. enjoy! I miss all those girls around, well, sometimes, ha ha. have a good rest of the weekend!

    Love ya,


  2. Ugh we have been in the smart mouth days for a few years now. Sigh!
    She is so beautiful jeanette! She should model. Shes very photogenic and beautiful!!
    How are you doing since adam moved out?
    Hoping you are well!!


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