Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Super Mom

Fall Break is here and I have so much that I want to get done this week.
I guess I need to become.........


Soccer Mom, Chief Everything Officer, 'The Boss', Working Mom

mother's love; mega-multitasking; "the look"; cure-all kisses; temper tantrum tactics; mind reading; cheerleading

sleep deprivation; child's cries;work/life balance; cute kiddie clothes; mothering co-workers; parental pampering

"Go to your room and think about what you did."
"A mother's work is never done."
"Can't talk now, gotta go get the kids!"
"Because I said so, that's why."

I saw this on line and thought it was really cute and ohhhh so true.

All moms are Super Moms, with all the chauffeuring that moms do.......sporting events, school programs, sleep overs, dances, parties, etc., etc., etc.

Not to mention all the errands that go along with these things. You know that science project can't be done unless you buy that $7.00 tri-fold poster board, or I can't go to the B-day party with out a gift. Of course the dance requires a new dress, it's a never ending thing. Then you add in all the Dr. and dentists appointments, plus other errands that must be taken care of ...........I get tired just thinking about it. But it all goes along with being a MOM. And we wouldn't change it for the world.

This week my Super Mom tasks consist of taking my car in for repairs, painting a hallway, the laundry room and two closets, hanging wallpaper in the entry way, ridding the cabinets of all the construction dust, packing things up to move, taking my daughter shopping, going to physical therapy 3 days, getting the cable guy out for installation and the mirror guy out to measure for the mirror and shower doors, go shopping with Michael for the base boards for the living room, kitchen and hallway, and of course there will be laundry and dishes to do, not to mention the cooking too. Hopefully I can get it all done............

Guess I better get started. Have a good week and I'll try to keep you posted on how Super Mom holds up , afterall she's not getting any younger and has a bum foot. (I dropped a pack and play on it at work. Nothing broken, but badly bruised and very sore.)

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  1. That made me tired just reading your list LOL
    Good luck jeanette and have fun!


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