Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday

Black Friday...... a once a year tradition of watching adults stand outside in the cold for hours before a store opens to literally run in to try to find that special toy or electronic device and to fight the person that dares to even get close to what you are thinking about buying.

I am still amazed at the fact that people will actually fight over toys and such.

Then there are the people that get mad because they have to stand in long lines to check out.
What are they thinking? Do they actually believe that the thousand people that entered the store before them are going to just wait for them to checkout before they attempt to move toward the checklanes. Of course, there are always the rude people. The ones who no matter how you try to please them, just can't be satisfied. If you offer to adjust a price $2 they want $5. If you have something in pink, they want purple, etc..etc..etc.....

Then add in the fact that the stores are not amply supplied with the items that are in their ads. This makes people sooooo mad. "Why do you have it in your ad, if you aren't going to have it in the store?" Like it is something that we personally are responsible for. Like we want to work 10 hours a day helping people that want the impossible. Give Me A Break!!!

Thank Goodness we only have to do this once a year.


  1. Girl I don't even go out on Black friday.
    Kyle went out to help his mom and sister get some things.
    not me I am way to chicken! LOL
    Glad you survived

  2. Know what you mean. They come to visit me first at the Bank then head to the store. KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!!


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