Friday, July 13, 2007

Holiday World

Been meaning to post for some time, but haven't.
I have wanted to post about our recent trip to
Holiday World.

We went there last Saturday with my sister and her family. We had a really good time.

One of Lindsey's favorite rides was "The Voyage" a wooden rollercoaster.

The web site has this to say about this ride:
The world's top "air-time" wooden coaster
Air-time of 24.2 seconds
Track length: 6,442 feet (1.2 miles)
Maximum speed: 67.4 mph
Five underground tunnels
173 feet tall, with drops of 154, 107 and 100 feet
Three 28-passenger PTC trains
2 min., 45 sec. ride time
Eight underground traverses
Three 90-degree extreme banked turns
First drop's angle of descent a steep 66 degrees
Among the world's top three longest and fastest wooden coasters.
Lindsey went back to the park on Tues, with some of her friends and I think they rode this ride several times.

My favorite ride was the Lazy River Ride. It is a slow paced relaxing float along the river.......just my speed.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most was spending time with my sister and her family. I've missed doing that.
It was really nice to spend time with them.
Hopefully we can do more things together in the future.
Well that's what is up with me.......
Hope everyone has a good week end. Me, I'll be working.
I hope this post turns out right. It seems that lately it doesn't post like I want it to. The spacing is always off for some reason.......Oh well.

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