Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tybee Island

I guess I should warn everyone that I will most likely be posting alot in the days to come of our vacation. With almost 800 pictures and lots to share, this will be my posts........... Our trip included 4 lighthouses and the biggest mansion I've ever seen. We visited Tybee Island, Hilton Head Island, Savannah, Hunting Island and The Biltmore Estate. I hope you won't find it boring.

What a wonderful vacation this has been. Barry and I have really enjoyed our time together.

We have had the opportunity to spend time together without all the pressures and stresses of everyday life. It has given us the chance to talk openly with each other, and has been a much needed vacation.

We have seen some very beautiful areas as we have traveled through 5 states. The weather was great, which always makes traveling alot better. We had planned to stay in Savannah, but decided to go on to Tybee Island. We found a room there with no problem. I had received some brochures from a friend with information on the area and the hotels. So we had a certain one in mind (Ocean Plaza Resort)and was actually able to
stay there for a couple of days.

It has a restaurant that overlooks the ocean. We had dinner there one night, it was really nice. The picture here is of the hotel, the middle section is the Dolphin Reef Oceanfront Restaurant.

While on Tybee Island, we of course spent some time at the beach. We watched the sun come up over the ocean, strolled along the beach in the late evening, basked in the mid day sun, walked the pier, shopped at several of the beach shops, and sat many times in one of the swings along the beach.

Tybee Island has alot to do and see. One thing that was a "must " for me was the lighthouse. Tybee has two of them. Tybee Light Station and Cockspur Lighthouse.

Cockspur is best seen from Fort Pulaski. This is a little lighthouse that sits out in the water, where it seems to be floating atop of the water at high tide. We visited Fort Pulaski and walked the trail to the lighthouse.

The fort itself was really a very neat place. I thought that it would be so so, but once there I enjoyed it alot. I'll post more about it in another post.
The Tybee Island Lighthouse is Georgia's oldest and tallest lighthouse. It was such a great experience climbing to the top and seeing the view from up there. It was AWESOME!!!!!
The temp was a scorching 104 the day we went here and it was very hot inside the lighthouse and climbing the 178 stairs was a bit of a task , but I'd do it 100 times over. It was everything I ever thought it would be. I LOVED it!!!
Barry wasn't as overwhelmed as I. He had a little problem with being up there. He didn't stay up there long at all. I don't know if it was the heat or the height that got to him, it didn't bother me at all. I walked around it about four times and just stood there taking in the view feeling the wind in my hair. I even took pictures for a couple of families so that their entire family could be in the pictures.

It was an experience I will never forget!
I guess this is enough for one post, I'll try to post again soon with more of our vacation...........

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