Monday, August 25, 2008

Looking For A Dog

Lindsey has decided that she wants a dog.
Of course not just any dog will do, she wants a Yorkie.
She has shown me tons of pictures of them online. Saying with each picture, "see aren't they cute".
She has been looking in the local paper every chance she gets to try and find one.
We have actually called about a few of them.
I nearly had a heart attack when the lady told me how much she sells her puppies for.
($600 to $1,200) The least amount that I have found one for is around $400.
I'll have to take out a loan to get her a dog.
We have made several trips to the Humane Society, on one trip we actually found a Yorkie, but he had a bad case of mange and I didn't want to deal with that. They had 2 Maltese dogs that were adorable, but of course they were pending adoption. I would have taken one of those in a flash.
Anyway that's what has been happening around here. The hunt for the perfect dog.
If anyone out there knows of anyone wanting to give away a Yorkie (house broken would be nice) please let me know.
Meanwhile Lindsey will be saving her pennies to try to buy one.
Have a good week and I'll try to post again soon.

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  1. Jeannette, Coming from a dog lover, I'm glad Linds is going to get one. I want another dog, but Mark says no. . . too much dog duty in the back yard. I vote you go big and get a lab.


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