Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Baby Is In High School Now

I can't believe it,
my little girl is a freshman in high school.
It seems like only yesterday that she was a baby.

She is growing up and has changed so much.

In what has seemed like the blink of an eye, she has turned into a TEEN!

She is definitely a girly girl. She likes make-up and having her hair and nails just right.

Oh yes, she is beautiful but do not let that deceive you.

She has the TEEN attitude.......
I don't know where she got that from (LOL)
You know how people tell you, "One day you will have a child who acts just like you".
Not that Lindsey will admit to being anything like me at all.

She, however, is alot more outspoken than I was.

I guess that is a good thing........

She can stand up for herself pretty well, she doesn't have a problem with letting people know what she thinks.

Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures with you (MY PICTURES).

Those of you who haven't seen Lindsey in a while, will be surprised to see how blonde she is.

It took her awhile to talk me into letting her have her hair highlighted like this and we had to do it in stages.
Number one so that I could get use to it gradually.

I really like this picture.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.


  1. Linds looks great. I really like the blonde hair. Now she's gonna have to live with the blonde jokes. Kids grow up faster than we can imagine. Where does the time go.

  2. Glad everthing worked out That would be a scary situtation


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