Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Storm Repairs

Michael has two houses in Louisville and during the recent storm (Hurricane Ike) both of his houses had trees down. One fell across the driveway and wasn't a major deal to remove, but the other house was a different story.

As you can see from the pictures, it was a rather large tree. It fell on one side of the house and caused quite a bit of damage, mainly to one of the windows. These kinds of repairs are always costly. The thing that I was most shocked about was the cost of removing the tree.

It cost $8,000 to have this tree removed. I know it wasn't an easy task and that it was a big tree. I realize it had to be braced so that it would not move while it was being cut away from the house. I am sure that it took some time to get the job done, but $8,000. WOW!!

No wonder insurance is so high.

Anyway, the tree has been removed, the window will be replaced and the other repairs will be made. Then the insurance company will probably raise the rates. What can you do?

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