Friday, March 27, 2009

Moles...Hopefully Harmless

For the past month Lindsey and I have been watching a mole on her arm. It has been bothering her, itching, becoming raised, changing in color and even bled a little one day. So we made an appointment to have it looked at. Our family physician said that it indeed looked suspicious, and he set up an appointment with another one of the Drs. in the office that deals with moles. So yesterday we went in and the mole was removed. It was sent to the lab for investigation. Hopefully it will be nothing. Please keep her in your prayers.......
She goes back on April 3rd to have the stitches removed, hopefully we will know something then.


  1. I'll be praying for her. I can't remember the stats on moles and Kev is in an ER 70 miles away! Hopefully, it was benign. Keep us posted.

  2. We'll keep Lindsey in our prayers.
    Let us know! Love, Carol

  3. I keep my fingers cross for her. I will undergo an ops to remove my matrix (womb) and that's scheduled on 15th of April.

    We need all your prayers of safety.


  4. I will keep you and Lindsey in my prayers also Good luck

  5. I just made the last comment I didnt understand how to put my name in ha ha


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