Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bowling Green Update

I sure am glad to finally be having some warm weather. I have seen some March Lillies blooming and the time changes this weekend, so Spring will be here soon. Yayyyyyyy..... I am so ready for it.

We have been working, working, working. Michael's sister is no longer practicing in the same office with him, so we have spent this week getting everything set up again. Phone service, Email service, Networking his computer to mine, Copiers, still working on the Fax thing. I actually have my own office area now. I am officially the Receptionist/Assistant now. I love it. It is soooooo much better than working at Target. Having never worked in an office enviroment, I have learned alot, (Thanks greatly to my sister). I must say, the office is now so peaceful, with just Michael and me there. We work well together, granted we have to be careful to make sure that we get a bit of ME time. But so far we seem to be doing fine. The building is large enough that we could rent office space to someone or bring in a partner, and that is what we hope to do. The situation is becoming know in the community and the building is in a Prime location, so time will tell.

The kids are doing fine:
Adam is living in my rental house. He is trying to get a roommate to move in also. With him taking 19 hours of classes, he isn't working much and we need the help paying the bills. Hopefully he will find someone soon.
Lindsey is reaching the dating age.......Heaven help me........The subject has been brought up lately, she hasn't gone out on a date yet, but I know it is out there in the near future.
Hartsul is playing soccer. He has games every weekend and they play in alot of different places. Louisville, Cincinnatti, Owensborro, Nashville, St. Louis are a few of the places they have scheduled to play. He loves playing soccer, but it sure makes visitation a challenge.

Well that is the update from Bowling Green......
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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  1. Jeannette, sounds like you all are doing great. Mark and I work at the same place, but we never see each other. Glad to hear you and the fam are doing well.


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