Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #4

I haven't taken any pictures this week, so I was forced to rumage through some old shots to come up with an entry for this Sundays shadow shot.

And, since it is cold and we have snow and I am SOOOOOO ready for warm weather, I decided to post some warm, sunny beach shots.

The first one was taken a few years ago. It is my daughter wading in the water of Fort Walton Beach in 2002. She was 7 then.

The next one is a walkway leading to the water near Hilton Head Island.

A short walk along the cool shadowed pathway leads to the bright sunshine of the beautiful beach.

The swing.......waiting for some one to come sit and soak up the beautiful scenery of the ocean at Tybee Island, Georgia.

This is one of my favorites, it is a Honeymoon shot from St. Augustine, with the sun casting shadows of the gaurd rail on the balcony atop the lighthouse.
Here the sun is shining brightly and casting my reflection in the wet sand of the Tybee Island waters.

All these beach pictures make me want to visit the beach. Hmmmmm........spring break is fast approaching. ; )

Hope you enjoy the pictures and be sure to check out what others have posted over at Hey Harriet!


  1. Wonderful shadows! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The first shadow in the water and the last reflection in the water are WOW!

  3. Really wonderful shadow shots! I'm all for seeing something that looks like warm weather! I'm soooooo tired of winter! I love your water reflections!

  4. Beautiful photos and shadows too :D

  5. Lovely photos. The first one has a beautiful atmosphere to it.

    Did you know that your blogger profile has no link to your blog? Thanks for commenting on mine. I found your blog with a bit of luck:)

  6. Love the second shot! Seems I seen this in the post card §:-))

    So solemn...

    Enjoy your Sunday!


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