Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My New Laptop

I have wanted a laptop for a long long time. Finally I have one. I love it. My desk top computer is sooooooo old (like 10 years old) so I have wanted an updated one forever. It is so cool to be able to sit on the couch and be online and play my games and such.
I now have a Dell Vostro. It is promoted as a small business computer and I will be using it for business oriented things too. It will make it very easy to work from home. A big plus.
I think the weather is supposed to be rainy for the next few days so I don't have to feel guilty for staying in the house and playing on the computer. That is if I can get the laptop before Lindsey gets it. So hopefully I will be able to post more often in the upcoming days. Yay!!!

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