Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shadow Shot

I was sitting in my living room the other night and I looked into the kitchen. What did I see, you ask? Shadows........ So I had to grab my camera and share my findings.

Being a Lighthousegal and lover of lighthouses, I have several of them in my kitchen, on top of my cabinets. The recessed lighting in the kitchen made some neat lighthouse shadows, at least I think so.

The lights were also leaving shadows of the ceiling fan on the wall.

Before joining this meme, I would have seen the shadows, but not really SEEN the shadows.

Anyway, this is my entry for this week. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to head over to Hey Harriet (link in my side bar) and check out the other entries.


  1. great shadows

    and we have the same kitchen cabinets - I even have the same space between the caninets and the ceiling although you decorated it much nicer than I did :)

  2. Very cool! how lucky the shadows came to you! ;-)



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