Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shadow Shot July 24, 2010

For my Shadow Shot this Sunday, I would like to share a couple of pictures from one of my favorite places, Ponce De Leon Inlet Light Station.

It is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and the view from the top is absolutely beautiful.

This picture was, of course taken from the top of the lighthouse looking down at the Inn Keepers house and Museum.

In these next two shots I was trying to get a picture of the frensel lens on display in the museum, but also captured a reflection of the lighthouse in the window.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!


  1. I like lighthouses! This one is beautiful. The last pic is my favorite!

  2. Nice shots.
    Happy SSS from Casa!

  3. Terrific ShadowShots! I love lighthouses but have never visited any in Florida. Should stick that on my bucket list. Have a good weekend.

  4. What a charming looking lighthouse! The colour is fab! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  5. A grand lighthouse! And what dramatic shadow it casts! And love the reflections too!

  6. Beautiful shot..We have many lighthouses here in Maine..Is that lighthouse in St. Augustine? I lived there a couple of winters when young..
    Happy SSS.

  7. I too like lighthouses and have several photos from the west coast. None from FL though.
    Great shots!


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