Monday, July 12, 2010


Why is it that when you try to do something nice for people they want more?

I am grateful when someone is doing me a favor or going out of their way to help me in some way.

This past Saturday, my stepson was here and was scheduled to meet his Grandparents, who live in Nashville, at a local restuarant so that he could spend a few days with them and attend soccer camp in Nashville, as he does every summer. My husband, who is recovering from surgery and has yet to be released by the Dr. to drive, was going to have to take a taxi to make this meeting, because I had already made plans to take my daughter shopping for school clothes and because the Grandparents wanted to meet around 2 in the afternoon.
My daughter had been wanting to shop in Nashville for some time, so we decided to go there instead of shopping at our local mall. Since I am not comfortable with driving in Nashville, we asked my son to drive us. He and his girlfriend decided that they would take us. So, I thought that since we were going to Nashville that we could take my stepson, and his Grandparents could meet us at the mall. This would save my husband from having to pay for a taxi and it would save the Grandparents from having to drive to Bowling Green. A win - win for everyone.
I introduce the idea to my husband, he calls the Grandparents and introduces the idea to them. The Grandmother does not want to meet at the mall, because it is not a mall that she shops. Instead she wants us to drive further into Nashville, nearer to her house, and meet at Cracker Barrel or a car dealership because it would be confusing to meet at the mall.

My husband can't seem to understand why I don't want to ask my son to accomadate my husband's ex in-laws. After all, it is the town that THEY live in and are more familiar with than any of us, it is alot closer to drive to the mall than to have to come all the way to Bowling Green. I was shocked at the treatment I was receiving by my husband and his ex in-laws. Needless to say, I was upset. And as anyone who knows me knows, when I get upset I tend to raise my voice.

So, now that the offer has been made to drop the kid off in Nashville, the earlier plans are out the window, and my husband tells the Grandparents that he will just drive to Springfield and meet them at Cracker Barrel.

By this point I am pissed at the whole situation, and totally shocked that a simple act of kindness and what I thought to be a favor to everyone was turned into my not wanting to cooperate with the group. It still just amazes me .
So from now on, I will NOT even Try to make the transportation of the stepson easier. I will just stay out of it completely.


  1. I just checked today to see if you were blogging again!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! You are!! Have missed you cuz!!

  2. I just checked today to see if you were blogging again!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! You are!! Have missed you cuz!!


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