Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Colors

Fall has definately arrived. I absolutely LOVE the colorfull changes in the trees.
I thought I would share a few pictures from the roads I drive everyday. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I know I have been enjoying the views while driving.

The first picture posted here is looking out my office window. Just a bit of color, but a reminder that it is indeed Fall.

This next picture is of a group of trees along Highway 526. This is the route I drive while taking Lindsey to school everyday.

I finally remembered to take my camera so that I could snap a picture.

The picture to the left is on Highway 185, which is the road that leads me home.
The trees provide a backdrop of beautiful scenery almost year round. Every season brings a different scene along the treelined hillside.

My last picture is my favorite of the ones posted here. It was taken on Richardsville Road. The mix of trees and the bright red bushes in teh yard on the right make a very pretty picture. At least I think so.....

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