Saturday, October 23, 2010

Around The House

This week I haven't had a chance to capture any truly great shadow shots, just a few photos of some everyday shadows from around the house and office.

The first one is a simple shot of the fan in my office. (This is a must for me these days, those darn hot flashes are gruesome without my trusty fan). Every afternoon the sun shines through the window and makes this great shadow on the floor.

This is my back door at home. Want to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe? The sun drew us a board!!

And, my last photo is the storm door's reflection on the wall in my front entry way. I really hate this storm door, but it does make a pretty neat shadow on the wall.

Hope you like the pictures.

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  1. really nice shadow shots and I love the door.
    + I can totally agree with you on the fan thing!!

  2. I've never heard of a storm door before. It does cast interesting shadowy patterns! I enjoyed your everyday around the house shadows!

    Have a great week :)

  3. Nothing wrong with that door? I love the lacey deco. For me, this is such a romantic door.

    If I could reach, will swap mine to yours §;-)

    Happy SS...

  4. Nice tic tac toe!

  5. A lovely collection - I particularly like the last one!

  6. Great shots, thanks for sharing...

  7. Lovely photos - the storm door is beautiful!

  8. Very nice shadows - even the most ordinary things can cast wonderful, interesting shadows.

  9. Do you really hate the storm door? Oh, I'll trade you!! I think it's beautiful, as is its shadow.
    Everyday objects like your office fan sometimes make interesting patterns but we often take the shadows as much for granted as the objects themselves.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada

  10. I don't like the storm door because it is an older door and the glass panels are held in only by small braces that turn easily and allow the glasses to fall out. Plus the door is heavy and the wind catches it and pulls the hinges out of the wood. We have had to fix it so many times I have lost count. The braces are getting hard to come by and the entire door frame has been replaced twice. I just wish it was gone.

    It does make beautiful shadows on the wall though!!

  11. The doors are both really pretty! So sorry about the hot flashes:(

  12. Some of my favorite shadow shots have been taken indoors. I think yours are terrific!

  13. Beautiful shadows. Sometimes the sun coming through the windows makes lovely shadows. Thanks for sharing.

  14. these shots are wonderful - i especially like the lace effect on the last pic!

  15. A nice assortment of hanging around the house shadows. :-)

    Thanks for your visit.



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