Saturday, October 02, 2010

Shadows Along The Roadway.

All this week while on my way home, after dropping Lindsey at school, I have noticed the shadows on the rocks cast by the rocks on the opposite side of the roadway. So I grabbed my camera and took these pictures.

The first picture shows the rocks on both sides of the road. I am just approaching the shadows.

The second picture is a bit better view.

The third picture shows the shadows as I turn between the rock formations onto another road.

And, the last picture I took while my husband was driving home one afternoon.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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  1. The shadows along the roadway are super, and the picture of the car's shadow has a lovely homey feel about it, as in "Here I am, I'm home"!

    Alberta, Canada

  2. Great shadow shots for the day and like Kay, I like the car and for the same reason! Great shots! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!


  3. You captured those beautiful shadows!

    My entry is in here, have a blessed Sunday!

  4. Wonderful shadow photos, all of them but I like the last one the most I think.

  5. Jeanette I love the outcrop of the rocks and their shadows .. we have limestone outcrops but taking pictures on the highway is a bit scary ? LOL .. so I will savor yours and imagine ours looking as gorgeous!
    Joy : )

  6. Great shadow hunting road trip!
    Thank you for well wishes!

  7. Great roadway! Love the shots!

  8. The road reminded me of one my husband and I drove between Bedford and Bloomington, Indiana, earlier this year. Then I remembered you are not in Indiana...!
    Thanks for the visit, and happy shadow hunting!

  9. Great shadows and I like the rock walls. They make for an interesting subject too!

  10. great job shadow hunting! Isn't it fun? see you next week.
    : )

  11. Nice shots. I'v always enjoyed driving through road cuts like that especially when the sun is low.

  12. Nice drive you've got! Lovely SSs:)


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