Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bird Shadows

This is my first post for the Shadow Shot Sunday 2 Meme. I have visited some of the post over the past few Sundays but, haven't posted until now. The new Hosts seem to be doing a Great Job and I thought it was time that I get back into the groove of posting again!

Going along with my last post's theme, I am sharing a few photos taken in my back yard of some of my little bird visitors.

I have always liked watching birds. I don't really care for them getting too close. I don't want to hold them or have one as a pet. But, I enjoy hearing their bird songs, watching them visit my feeders and flying through the air. Some of them move so gracefully as they soar along. I am not fond of when they dive at me or near me like the barn swallows and martins do when catching mosquitoes. 

This little bird took a liking to my hubby's car.

I really like it when I look out my window and see a sea of color from the beautiful Cardinals. They are the State Bird of Kentucky!! 

The Cardinal's color really shows up against the snow.


And, they left alot of little bird tracks in the snow of my patio.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my little corner of the Blog World and that you take a moment to let me know you were here!! Be sure to head over to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 and Straight Out of The Camera to see what Shadows and Photos others have shared this week.

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!!


  1. O such a delightful series of photos! And the red of the cardinals is so very bright against the white of the snow! Even from a distance their red really stands out! Lovely shadowy winter photos!

  2. Lovely shots! The cardinals seem to enjoy being in my yard (now that I remembered to fill my bird feeder).

    When I show birds to my daughter, she responds, can I hold it?

  3. All those cardinals! How I miss cardinals, now that I no longer live in the Northeast! Thank you!


    When you see the shadows dance,
    Be it Mexico or France,
    You may join the shadow fun,
    Dancing till the day is done!

    © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Choices

  4. Nice bird shots...those cardinals are so beautiful against the white snow!

  5. Welcome to SSS. You certainly did an outstanding job for being your first. Enjoyed you blog very much.

  6. That's a lovely bird series! I love the one of the bird on the car door :-) The red cardinals are so bright and cheerful!

  7. wow...that's a lot of cardinals!! glad you decided to post!! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! look forward to seeing you often!!

  8. The Cardinals are beautiful. What fun to watch!

  9. Wonderful shots of the birds in the winter.

  10. Hello there and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments !
    I am always amazed at seeing those cardinals .. that colour is shocking against all the dull grays and browns with the winter back ground. We don't get cardinals here although I know they are in Kingston .. we are probably not giving out the right food for them. But we love having any birds in our back yard .. the doves are so sweet and quiet.
    Welcome into the shadow shooters meme !
    Joy : )

  11. I love bird photos and thought my favorite was the second down on the left... until I got to the Cardinals. I love them and these look like ornaments in a tree! Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful photos. I love the cardinal in the snow.

  13. very pretty shots of the cardinals against the snow. its unique for me coz we dont have them in this part of the world.

    Saturday Sareenity


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