Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bird Songs

Everybody Loves To Hear A Bird Sing

Written By: Tom T. Hall
Originally Recorded By: Tom T. Hall
From his 1974 Album: Songs of Fox Hollow

Re-Recorded In 2010 By: Peter Cooper
For the Album: I Love - Tom T. Hall's Songs Of Fox Hollow

For a week in June 2010, Peter Cooper and Eric Brace rounded up fellow Tom T. fans and headed to Fox Hollow, the farm that inspired “Songs of Fox Hollow” and is still home to Tom T. and Dixie Hall. Over three magical days in this idyllic setting just south of Nashville, they recorded the eleven songs that made up the original Songs of Fox Hollow, plus a brand new tune written especially for this release by Tom T. and Dixie.

The original Songs of Fox Hollow was born one long-ago summer, when two young nephews of Tom T. and Dixie Hall spent the summer roaming the farm and asking Tom T. a host of questions about the land and the animals. To the kids, Fox Hollow was a place of activity and enchantment, and pretty soon Tom T.’s answers began to rhyme.

This is an album that I listened to alot when I was younger. I actually still have the record today. My sister loved this album. It came with a little story book that went along with the songs. She wanted to listen to it constantly and I usually played it for her. I tried to find Tom T. Hall's version of the song, but could not, so I added Mr. Cooper's version.

Sometimes birds don't have enough to eat,

There's not enough food in the fields or the streets.
There are too many cities where there used to be trees,
So it's left up to you and me.

Everybody loves to hear a bird sing. (whistle)
The prettiest music you have ever heard.
Here's how to make friends with a bird.

First you get some peanut butter out of a jar.
And you can buy a bag of bird seed anywhere.
You mix it all together and you put it on the ground,
And pretty soon the birds come around.

Everybody loves to hear a bird sing.

The prettiest music you have every heard.
That's how you make friends with a bird....

Some people buy spray and they spray it on the land.
They kill all the little bitty bugs that they can.
The birds eat up the bugs and it makes them sick.
I wish we didn't have to do that.

Because everybody loves to hear a bird sing.
The prettiest music you have every heard.
That's how you make friends with a bird.

Right now you're young and you're not very tall.

You're really very busy and you're really very small.
Someday when you're older and things go wrong,

You're gonna need a pretty bird song.

Because everybody loves to hear a bird sing.
The prettiest music you have every heard.

That's how you make friends with a bird....

Watching the birds has become one of my favorite things to do these days. I have four bird feeders in my back yard now and can see them from my kitchen and living room windows. I enjoy hearing their songs in the early mornings and watching the birds fly in, hop around the trees and ground, and visit the feeders for a few seeds. They are rather funny at times the way they chase one another or react to each other.

There has been a squirrel that has tried its best to reach the feeders, but is too heavy for the branches that the feeders hang on and the birds dive at him chasing him away.

One morning a bird hovered directly in front of me at the window. I had my camera in my hand, but it was zoomed in on the feeder and by the time I got over being startled by the bird and raised the camera to snap a quick shot it was gone. All I captured was the tree. And, of course no one believes that it happened and it will never in a million years happen again.

Hope you enjoy the song and that you head over to Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song to see the pictures set to song others have posted this week!!


  1. That is a really cute song. It sounds familiar, I think it was one we played for my stepdaughter when she was little.

    Looks like Mr. Squirrel is determined, wonder if he will find a way. I believe you, the birds seem to wait until the camera comes up and off they go. I think they like to tease us. :)

  2. Honestly, I've never heard's a treasure trove of great lyrics!! I must get Bud in here to listen to it. What a special treat. Of course, you know I love to go birding...and your images are super and so perfectly match the lyrics.

    Love your 'young 'un' too. She's too sweet for words.

    Thanks for playing---thanks for visiting, and have a great Thursday.

  3. This song is so wonderful, it made me cry. I want to steal my husband's peanut butter, buy some bird seed and hang a feeder from the tree outside my new window.

  4. I love it!! I'm an avid backyard birdwatcher and feeder too!!
    I was not familiar with this song..thank you for sharing it such life lessons put to music.

    You might have to use Google Chrome to get on my blog now but at least it is working. I have put up a new post using the upgraded interface blogger. I have several days ahead posted so I'll have time to study the new features.


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