Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shadowy Birds

As the darkness of night fades, the sun does shine and with its light comes a wonderful world of shadows.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch the birds at my feeders. I can see these feeders from my kitchen and living room windows, as well as from my patio door and my laundry room door. Some of the birds I can identify easily, but others are not as easy to determine. They move so quickly that it is hard to see all their features clearly.

So I began putting small amounts of seeds on the brick wall of my patio so that I can watch the birds up close. Not all of the birds will come to the patio wall. But, I enjoy watching the ones that will. Plus it gives me an opportunity to get better pictures of them.

I love the way they seem to be looking right at me at times. Like they are asking, "What are you doing"?

The other morning I noticed that the sun was shining on the brick wall.

I also noticed that as the birds were perched on the wall and feeding they were casting their shadows on the wall. Being a shadow seeker, I was thrilled!
The first shadow here is of a Cardinal and the second is a Finch.

 This one is a Dark Eyed Junco.

The birds below the feeders were creating birdy shadows too!

Even the tree were the feeders hang was leaving its shadow.

It was a great morning for watching birds and finding shadows! I must say I am sure happy to see the sun too, we have had so much rain and storms lately the sun is a very welcomed sight.

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  1. Oh how fun! I love feeding birds, but they don't cooperate if I open the door to get pictures. These are great! Lucky you!

  2. The cardinal is so beautiful, its red peak so wonderful.Around here, we only see them in winter on the leafless forsythia on one side of our yard. One might think that with all their red, you can see them anytime, although I haven't in any other season...and a female cardinal - a rare sight! Seeing the birds is always such a treat!

  3. Love seeing the little birds feeding! Always enchanting! And if they cast a shadow, that's a bonus! Delightful photos!

  4. Great shadows of them!
    Wow, you do have a lot visiting. How fun!

  5. Beautiful selection of birds, nice shadows too! Thank you for your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.

    House's Shadow, have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  7. what a lovely sequence of shots - I love the faint shadowy patterns in the first shots....

  8. In my mind, you can't beat seeing a beautiful scarlet cardinal. I enjoy ANY bird photos tho...wonderful shots for the weekend.

    Thank you for visiting with me today...


  9. Watching birds is great entertainment...I could sit n watch them all day! Nice shots of the birds n their shadows!

  10. I love all your bird photos and how neat that you got their shadows, too! The cardinal stands out with that crest. Oh, how I love cardinals!

  11. That's an absolutely funtime feeding those lovely birdies.

    TY for sharing your day with the birds and of course giving us the beautiful shadows.

    Happy SSS,

  12. What beautiful captures, each one. I like the cardinals, so cute and contrasting with the red of the males and browns of the females. Nice shot of the woodpecker, too.

  13. A Feather in you cap! ^5!!!!


  14. Beautiful pictures. Cute little birds. I am invite you to subscribe to my "Life in Pictures" meme. Have a nice week. Greetings from Romania.

  15. We have not started seeing these birds yet. We have those old black crackles that are a nuisance.

    1. Those Grackles indeed can be a nuisance. I am trying to deter them from visiting the feeders, but it is becoming a challenge.

  16. How delightful to have so many feathered visitors! Love those shadow shots.


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