Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stormy Week

This past week has sure been a rough one, with strong storms on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday, the storms started around 6 a.m. with heavy rain, small hail, severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings. Several schools had to re-route their buses to the nearest school, instead of their intended destination, to get the kids off the roadways and into a safe shelter. The kids went from the bus into tornado drill mode. These storms didn't move out of the area until around noon.  

Here you can see the rain coming down.

And the small hail.

Our back yard had a small creek running through it.

The neighbors had an even larger one.

With the TOR:CON index being at a forcasted 9 for Friday, and Bowling Green being the suspected center of the activity, officials from the National Weather Service arrived in Bowling Green Thursday evening to help with the tracking of these storms. With such a high probability of tornadic storms being forcasted, our county as well as many of the surrounding counties heeded the warnings and took action to prepare for the worst. Schools let out early, even WKU canceled classes, factories shut down, and businesses closed early. My sister has worked at the bank for several years and has never know of them closing the bank, especially on a Friday. 

The day time heating and humidity made conditions perfect for intense storms. We reached a record breaking 84 degrees.

At one point we had three tornado warnings for our county going simultaneously. 

We had very strong winds. Even after the storms moved out of our area the winds were strong.

My sister had a rather lengthy hail storm at her house.

It almost looks like my brother-in-law is holding snow instead of hail. At least it was not the ping pong or golf ball sized hail that others received.

After the storms moved out, we noticed a faint rainbow.
I always love seeing a rainbow!!

I am thankful that we weathered the storms with only a few scattered tree limbs down and a soggy yard. So many others were not as lucky and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. And, especially to the families that lost loved ones. I believe there were 19 deaths in kentucky from these storms.

On a brighter note, I was able to find a few shadows earlier in the week before all the stormy weather moved in.

I was taking the dog out and noticed a flower/plant of some sort growing in between the bricks of the patio.

The morning sun shines on the bricks and was creating delicate little shadows.

Hopefully, the coming week will be much milder. As I am typing this our local weatherman is forcasting snow flurries for mid week... Crazy Kentucky Weather!!

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Happy Sunday, Everyone!!


  1. Your weather sounds like a drama in several acts with lots of tension and crises! Incredible! Some amazing watery photos here! And love your little shadowy plant determined to survive!

  2. I can visualize the storm through your pics! Rainbows, be it faint or brilliant, I just love them. Wish you get better weather by next week:)

  3. The rainbow rounded off the storm nicely, don't you think?

    Shadowy Yellow Flower

  4. Th weather has ben brutal up and down the midwest - tornadoes in March seem rare, but it has been an unusually warm winter in the US - Hopefully the destruction shown in the media was confined, but the storms were on a line hundreds of miles long...the flower shadows are wonderful and the sun was strong. Nature provides terror and beauty at the same time...

  5. sooo glad that you are okay...storms like that are very scary...and we all know the devastation people have faced this week. how awesome that the rainbow made an appearance!! and your brick shadows look warm and inviting.

  6. Up and down weather for sure! Glad you are all safe and sound.

  7. Wow...good shots showing all the rain! There sure have been a lot of storms across the US this week.

    I'm glad you did find some shadows to share before all the wet weather set in!

  8. Always after the storm comes the sun.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. I hope the hail wasn´t too hard. It can be a nasty thing. Love that rainbow. .)

  10. The4 weather doesn't know what its doing these days - nice bright sun last week and today hailstones but we're faring much better than some other places so musn't cmplain.

  11. great depiction of the storm!

  12. Love the rainbow after the storm, too....and I love the name of your blog. To me, it shows your sweet spirit and loving heart. :)
    xo bj


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