Saturday, June 23, 2012

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Shadows

I love the early morning and watching the day come to life. Most mornings this was the view of the sun rising over the resort buildings. Even at this early hour of the day it would be quite humid. 

Most days because of the heat, we would return to our room for a short while before heading to a different park for the evening. Our balcony in the afternoons was a wonderful place to find shadows.

Afternoon was a great time to see animals too.
I enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching them.
Sometimes they would be off in the distance.

While other times they would be much closer.

If there wasn't many to be found in the savanna of our room, then I would go down to the lobby viewing area to see if there were any stirring around there. The window was three stories tall and such a beautiful sight.

The many pathways around the resort are lined with plants, flowers and shrubs. Speakers are hidden among them playing African music softly.

I found two particular ones to be especially interesting
These two had similar flowers but one was a tree like plant while the other was more of a bush.

The flowers felt almost rubbery to touch. I asked a couple of the people working there if they knew what the plants are, but they did not. They mainly knew about the animals. I guess not many inquire about the landscaping.

Anyway, this is a few more of the many, many photos I took during our Disney World Vacation. All of the ones posted here were taken at Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village. It is a very nice place to stay and quite interesting too, being able to view the animals and to learn about them. It is very animal friendly too. You are not allowed to hang anything on the balcony. (No beach towels etc...) No balloons are allowed at the resort or in the Animal Kingdom Park. Also no plastic straws, all the straws are paper. It's very different using a paper straw. 

Even the lights in the animal viewing area are animal friendly.
The entire outside of the lights are covered with corn. I suppose so that if the decorations were to fall off the animals would not be harmed by them if they ate them. Disney does think of everything!

The only thing that we didn't like about the resort is the fact that it is so far away from everything other than Animal Kingdom Park. But, I guess you can't have everything.

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Happy Sunday, Everyone!!


  1. I wish we'd brought our son to a wonderful place like this when he was small.

  2. How very beautiful this is! Love the balcony shadows and the light in the last photo is a work of art!

  3. How wonderful it would be to stay where you could see the animals up close from your room!

  4. The wakeup sky looks humid indeed, but as you knpw, staging the day to strategically find just enough A/C to cool down and move to the next attraction. In central FLA ist is a great way to move about. The balcony railings do leave wonderful artistry in shadow!

  5. Great pitures from Afr...Disney World! I didnt know you have a place of Africa in Florida!
    I have to go there next time I go to Florida! Thank You!

  6. Beautiful captures, love the last one.

    I hope you can find time to see my Soft Shadows on the Wall, have a blessed Sunday!

  7. it looks and sounds like you had an amazing time!!! i am headed to chicago next weekend - for a girls weekend...looking forward to the photo ops i find!!!! have a great week ahead!!!!

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  9. What beautiful captures of nature, architecture and shadows and light.

  10. Some wondeful images, I hope you had soooo much fun at AKL, I blinking adore the place, and am working like mad to try and get back!

  11. I love giraffes and can't imagine having that wonderful view from the motel balcony!! Great shots!

  12. At first I thought Africa..amazing and I always wanted to go there...Glad it was such a good time for you and your family...Michelle

  13. Thanks for your comments.
    I love the beautiful silhouette photo taken of the skyline at dawn. Very striking.

  14. lovely shadows and photos-what a delightful place to be....

  15. Those are great shadows...what fun that must have been, to see the animals up close like that.
    Glad you had a good time.

  16. Beautiful shots! It certainly sounds like a great place to stay.

  17. Love Disney World and would love to stay at Animal Kingdom! Thanks for sharing your shots!

  18. Sorry I'm late but haven't had time/connect to blog.
    Thanks for your visit and comment!
    It's great that companies like Disney does think everything.
    Here in Spain so much to do still but it's much better than 15 yrs ago when we lived here for two years...
    Have a good week!

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