Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Part Of Your World

From the Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid
Performed by Ariel
Jodi Benson 

1989 American animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, originally released to theaters on November 14, 1989 and the 28th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, and the first of the Disney Renaissance. During its initial release, The Little Mermaid earned $84 million in North American box office revenue, and has to date earned $211 million in total lifetime gross.
Also one of the BEST shows at Disney World.

Look at this stuff
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my collection's 
(Downtown Disney Store)

Wouldn't you think I'm the girl,
The girl who has ev'rything?
Look at this trove.
Treasures untold.
How many wonders can one cavern hold?
Lookin' around here you'd think,
(Sure) she's got everything.

(Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Hollywood Studios)

I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty.
I've got whozits and whatzits galore.

(Downtown Disney Store)
(You want thingamabobs?
I got twenty)
But who cares?
No big deal,
I want more.

(Main Street - Magic Kingdom)

I wanna be where the  people are,
I wanna see...

(Streets of America - Hollywood Studios - - - 
Main Street - Magic Kingdom)
Wanna see 'em dancin'.
Walkin' around on those,
(Whad'ya call 'em?) oh - feet.
(Main Street Trolley Parade - Magic Kingdom)

Flippin' your fins you don't get too far.
Legs are required for jumpin', dancin'.
(Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Hollywood Studios)

Strollin' along down a,
(What's that word again?) street.
(United Kingdom Pavilion - Epcot)
Up where they walk,
Up where they run,
Up where they stay all day in the sun.
Wanderin' free,
Wish I could be,
Part of that world.
( Magic Kingdom Parade)

What would I give,
If I could live,
Outta these waters?
(Inside Gran Fiesta Tour - Mexico Pavilion - Epcot)

What would I pay,
To spend a day,
Warm on the sand?
(Epcot Lagoon)

Betcha on land,
They understand.
Bet they don't reprimand their daughters.
(Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Hollywood Studios)

Bright young women
Sick o' swimmin',

(My Niece with Beast and   Belle - Also Jasmine - 

Ready to Stand.
And ready to know what the people know...
(Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Hollywood Studios)

Ask 'em my questions,
And get some answers.
What's a fire and why does it,
(What's the word?) burn?
(Indiana Jones Stunt Show - Hollywood Studios)

When's it my turn?
Wouldn't I love...
(Voyage of The Little Mermaid - Hollywood Studios)
Love to explore that shore above?
Out of the sea,
Wish I could be,
(Wall Hiding Construction of New Mermaid Attraction - Magic Kingdom)

Part of that world!!!
("Partners Statue" - Magic Kingdom)

All of the pictures in this post are from our vacation to Disney World. These are but a few, so beware of many more to come....
We were there for 11 wonderful days and I had two cameras with me, so you can just imagine how many photos I have. There were so many things to photograph and it is one of my most favorite places to visit!!

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  1. I'm not ashamed to admit that The Little Mermaid has some of the best songs ever.

  2. I have not seen The Little Mermaid (I raised sons, and have grandsons), but your photos and the words were perfect! There were some marvelous productions and the air is definitely festive! Great choice today!

  3. Wow....for a second there, I thought I wouldn't be able to post any comments. The comment form didn't load for me the first time, and then I clicked on Linda's 'reply' above here and that didn't work either....guess Blogger has a glitch in it today. But the refreshing made it come up...3rd times a charm. As is you theme song today. I so loved viewing all the fun, fun, images, and the song of course is fitting...that goes without saying. Right?..........why, even the construction hiding mural is fantastic.

  4. So glad you had a great time on your vacation. These are wonderful shots. :)

  5. Wonderful photos. You certainly had a grand time.


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