Saturday, September 15, 2012

The County Fair

Each year for the County Fair we (school children) worked on exhibits that were to be displayed at the fair and judged for ribbons. There was a certain theme and our exhibits would revolve around that theme. Fair Day was always one of my favorite days as a child. It was sort of a field trip for all the schools in the county. At that time there were 5 Elementary Schools (kindergarten through 8th grade) and one High School. 

We would board the bus as usual, but instead of going to school, we went first to Brownsville, the county seat, for the parade. Each Elementary School child would be dressed in our particular school colors and would march in the parade.  High school students usually could be found along the parade route cheering on their former Elementary School. Then it was back on the buses and on to the fair grounds for a day of midway fun.  We could see our exhibit on display and see if we had won a ribbon. The teachers, bus drivers and principals of each school were there and would look out for us.  At the time school would normally let out, we loaded the buses and headed home.

Now there are two elementary schools, a Fifth-Six Center, a Middle School and a High School. Schools are closed on Friday during the County Fair, the buses don't transport the kids to the fair anymore. But, still there is a big turnout for the parade as well as the midway.  There is still a theme each year and the children still have exhibits. 
Even though I have moved and now live a county over, I attend the parade and visit the fair grounds each year. For several years I even entered my canned goods, craft items, garden items, baked goods, photographs and antique items and won many ribbons through the years. Time doesn't allow me to enter items any longer, but I still enjoy visiting the fair on Fair Day.

Below are a few photos from the parade and fair this past Friday.  This year's Theme was "Hometown Fall Fun".

My Niece waiting for the parade to start. 

The street lines quickly as time for the parade nears.

The Grand Marshall leads the way...

Bring on the Beauty Queens...

The High School Band...

Performing in front of the Bank...

More Beauty Queens...

(Not sure what this was about)

Classic Vehicles...

One Beautiful Chevelle....

Fire Departments...


South Edmonson
Elementary's Float - the Winning Float this year.

(The Ferris Wheel Actually Works)

 "Kyrock Black Hawks"

The Sign Says It ALL!!!

Every parade needs a go-cart...

and a 4-wheeler

Football Team...

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Savings I believe is what the sign on the back of Bank of Edmonson County's float read.

 That is one BIG chair...

Traveling still...

Horse and Buggy...

Lots of horses...

Scarecrow rider...

My Niece and her Blue Ribbon Exhibit!!

 A few school exhibits I liked.

These student's paintings were simply Amazing!

 "Flowers in the Most Unusual Container" always one of my favorite categories. (I once won a Blue Ribbon in this category with flowers in an old carburetor)   

 Air Brush Tattoo is a must....

A fun, fun day at the fair...can't beat it!

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  1. Memories! When I know in advance, I try to be off for the parade. Didn't work out this year, thanks for the pictures! I too have very fond memories of this parade and marching in my dark blue and white Lincoln Tiger colors!! Life was so simple back then! I miss back when.....(there is a song about that.....I think you posted about it once)

  2. Beautiful photo series showing.
    Hanne Bente

  3. Fun that the kids get to attend as part of a field trip. Love all of the small-town photos. :)

  4. Looks like a fun day, watching the parade. the painting are wonderful. Thanks for sharing, have a happy Sunday!

  5. Great fun!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Always lots of fun to be had at the hometown carnival! Thanks for visiting. :)

  7. This is a very interesting day with so many interesting things to see.

  8. I love pictures of celebrations in small towns like this that show the heart of America. Thanks for sharing.

  9. looks like a great small town USA parade!! thanks for bring us along on the parade route!!

  10. I love your niece's smile!

    Bold Shadow, come and see it. Your comment will be greatly appreciated!


  11. How fun! Our fair is coming up this month.

  12. That painting of an eagle...well, I am so in awe!!!

    Your fair shares [that sounds weird in my mind as I type it] are stupendous.

    Thanks for linking up at the Bird D'Pot this weekend. I'm a little behind in paying my visits as I had a very busy weekend and wasn't online much!!! Your sharing is always much appreciated!!

  13. I love a parade! Great series of photos. We had a parade here on Labor Day. I didn't see much of it because I was playing in the community band.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on the different chickens. They are so different from most that I see.

  14. This looks like a wonderful celebration!

  15. I used to love going to the fair, but as I am getting older, it's sort of too much chaos for me.

  16. seems like they had a great day. :)


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