Saturday, October 27, 2012

Around My House

Just beyond the edge of our property is a trail into the woods. I am not sure exactly why it is there but it is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the scenery of the woods. 

Last weekend I ventured down the path to see if I could spot a bird or two. 

On this particular day I wasn't able to capture any birds, but did enjoy the colors of the woods.

With all the heat of this past summer, and some of the leaves beginning to dry up before Summer came to an end,  I was afraid that the trees would not be very colorful. But I believe they are more beautiful than last year.

Even the weeds along the pond's edge are pretty.

I stopped to take a few photos of the trees along highway on my way home a few days ago.   

The school near our house has a beautiful grouping of brightly colored trees.
I wanted to capture them before the leaves are all gone. 

The leaves are falling at a fast rate now and soon the trees will be bare.

Friday afternoon when I took the dog out I noticed this spider on the side of the house.
I don't know what kind of spider it was, but it was sure a creepy looking one.

As I began snapping photos of it I noticed the shadow on the bricks of the house. Perfect for Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

This morning standing at my kitchen window I saw this Bluebird sitting on the wires.  

My little pal, Chip, was enjoying a few bird seeds on the patio wall.
Chip visits often looking for seeds. I have started leaving him some on the patio wall.
I watched as he gather a mouth full of seeds and scurried off.

I knew he would return in a few minutes, so I opened the laundry room door, which is the closest view of the patio wall, and waited for him to return.When he did, I managed to capture this shot. I love his full checks, so cute!

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  1. That is a creepy spider. I won't be sharing THAT picture with Mrs. Chatterbox.

  2. love those white-headed weeds - we have squirrels instead of chipmunks - my wife calls 'em tree-rats.

  3. Wonderful Autumn colours in your world! Adore the little one's full cheeks!

  4. Beautiful images... isn't it lovely just to watch what turns up so close to home. Your Autumn colours are fantastic.

  5. What a lovely walk. The fall colors are beautiful and I love your Bluebird. They are one of my favorite birds. Happy Sunday!

  6. Beautiful shots from the wood with colorful trees and lovely birds.

  7. What a glorious walk you've taken us on!! Such a wonderful area in Autumn. I can almost smell the odors of the fallen leaves as we step along the path!!! And the blue bird is an extra special treat from your backyard. In all the years we've lived here, I've seen only two blue birds [I think they were indigo buntings] in our area...both times, with no camera!!!

  8. Such a lovely walk - with the sun playing and creating a shadows on the yellow leaves, the beautifyl feather- like weeds and the cute small birds and squirrel!

  9. Such a beautiful trail with so many delightful fall colors. I love that last shot of the chipmunk's cheeks almost bursting with seeds.

    Thanks for sharing with YSB this week.

  10. Gorgeous pictures of Fall. And that is a Writing Spider, at least that's what we always called them because they "write" in their webs. Great captures!

  11. by the that I'm in my Hootin' Anni admin, I wanted to come back and tellya, I too love his chubby cheeks and glad you shared this cutie!!!

  12. Your spider is an orb weaver - we called them magic spiders when I was a kid, and tried to read the "messages" they spun into their webs.

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous colors. Our trees are all but bare now, so I really enjoyed seeing yours. Little Chip looks quite the little scamp.

  13. SUCH pretty autumn scenes! the spider is commonly called a garden spider. it is a yellow argiope, i think. love them. i call them 'zipper spiders' because the center of their web looks like a zipper. :)

  14. What a wild life you have around your house! :)
    Autumn looks beautiful but feels cool.....
    Have a good week ahead!

  15. Wonderful collection of Autumn beauty!

  16. Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. beautiful colors in your area. Different trees gives the vaious shades. Love your countryside. :)

  18. Oh, I love your little pal Chip. So cute, especially the close-up. Good work, and the same goes for your gorgeous fall colors!
    I really miss our musical get-together on Thursdays, too. I'm sure Anni had good reasons, not the least of which was the drop in participation, but I loved doing it.
    Great to hear from you.

  19. Oh I think I would go for a walk on that trail every chance I get, so pretty.

    My Shadow Shots
    Have a great week ahead.

  20. Love the way you captured the fall colors!!

  21. Looks like the weather & fall foliage is still lovely where you are!
    Our leaves & color are gone.. replaced this week with the pretty monochrome of snow on bare trees.
    I love how weeds get pretty when gone to seed.. great photo!
    Also - enjoy your "about me" description.. I fee that it could be describing myself. :)

  22. Loved seeing all of your fall color ~ just beautiful!! That spider IS creepy...ewwww! Glad he was in your yard and not ours :)

  23. Gorgeous fall colors to see, and what a wonderful place you had there!

  24. What a beautiful fall you are having! I haven't seen a single garden spider this year. I think the drought must have been hard on them as well. That chipmonk is adorable with those puffy cheeks!

  25. pretty, pretty pictures! You have shown the perfect fall. Love it!


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